Despite their age gap, Linda Blair’s mother ‘loved’ Rick Springfield: ‘He Was Part of Our Family.’


Despite their age gap, Linda Blair’s mother ‘loved’ Rick Springfield: ‘He Was Part of Our Family.’

Linda Blair is an actress best known for portraying the possessed teen in the 1973 film The Exorcist. Rick Springfield is an actor and singer best known for his appearance on General Hospital and the song “Jessie’s Girl,” which became a smash. Fans of these celebs may be surprised to learn that they dated in the mid-1970s, when Springfield was 25 and Blair was only 15 years old.

During a musical performance at the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood, the two met and spent the evening visiting to clubs and getting to know each other.

They took place between 1974 and 1976, primarily under the radar of celebrity gossip magazines.

They were able to do so because Blair’s mother appreciated having Springfield as a member of their family and they kept their work lives separate.

Blair’s mother approved of the relationship despite the 10-year age difference.

Even in the 1970s, a partnership with a 10-year age gap in which one party is underage was not considered customary.

Blair and Springfield were allowed to have a connection because her mother adored Springfield and thought of him as “part of our family.”

Blair and Springfield also made it a point to keep their relationship status as private as possible at the time. To make their relationship work, they needed to keep their public lives distinct.

That’s why the couple was never featured in gossip magazines.

It was crucial for them to keep their relationship sacrosanct, according to Blair, and it worked for a while. “We did try to make it all very sacrosanct,” she said in an interview with Studio 10, “and I think we did a wonderful job since it’s something that really didn’t break headlines.” After a while, Blair and Springfield decided to call it quits. After around two years, the couple decided to call it quits due to the pressures of being in the spotlight as well as the perception of their age gap.

Both went on to achieve a great deal in their careers.

Blair continues to act in a variety of roles, ranging from drama to humor. Springfield continued to make music and acted in a few roles, the most well-known of which was Noah Drake on General Hospital.

They have remained friends over the years and have worked to help where they can because of their love for animals and their goal to aid.

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