Despite the success of Amanda Owen’s Our Yorkshire Farm, Channel 5 has banned Yorkshire programmes.


Despite the success of Amanda Owen’s Our Yorkshire Farm, Channel 5 has banned Yorkshire programmes.

Despite its popularity, OUR YORKSHIRE FARM and other series set in the county will not be returning to Channel Five.

Amanda Owen and her family will be shown on Channel Five for the final time in the forthcoming fifth season of Our Yorkshire Farm. Despite its enormous success on the network, this also applies to the hit show All Creatures Great and Small.

The life of Amanda and her husband Clive Owens, who worked as hill shepherds, became an instant hit on Our Yorkshire Farm, and viewers were captivated.

The film followed the couple and their nine children as they tried to balance family life with their demanding farm work.

Channel Five gave viewers a glimpse into their unusual family dynamics as they lived in one of the most isolated corners of the United Kingdom throughout the series.

Despite the fact that the show topped prime-time TV ratings, network executives have opted to cancel it.

The beloved agricultural series will be pushed aside, according to Channel Five’s commissioning editor Daniel Pearl, who made the announcement at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

He didn’t want to make “another Yorkshire show, another show about a large family in Yorkshire,” according to the Guardian.

Viewers were taken aback by this, as the county’s TV shows had been a major hit for the network.

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, All Creature Great and Small, and The Yorkshire Vet, in addition to Our Yorkshire Farm, immediately became fan favorites.

Despite the fact that the series will shortly come to an end, fans may expect season five of Our Yorkshire Farm to air on Channel Five.

After the previous installment aired earlier this year, network executives stated that at least ten more episodes had been ordered.

Channel Five said 20 new episodes would be filmed at the start of the year in a statement.

Eight of those episodes will air in season four, giving viewers a total of 12 Owen family episodes to look forward to.

Amanda Owen recently dropped a major hint, revealing that season five will premiere later this year.

“There will be a new series,” she told YorkshireLive. It will take place in the fall.

“I’m not sure when because I’m the last person to know!” I’m aware that those episodes have been completed, and that more filming is taking place at Ravenseat.”

Yorkshire-based performances will no longer be available. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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