Despite the high value of Clarice Cliff jugs, an Antiques Roadshow guest “needs to talk to his wife.”


Despite the high value of Clarice Cliff jugs, an Antiques Roadshow guest “needs to talk to his wife.”

Will Farmer of the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW put an unbelievable price on a collection of Clarice Cliff jugs, but the owner had to consult with his wife before purchasing any more.

In a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, Will Farmer was on hand to appraise a remarkable collection of Clarice Cliff jugs. The owner’s determination to finding many of the designs astounded the expert, but he still had over 230 to find. But, if the collection of 70 was put up for auction, how much would it be worth? The goods will be priced at £15,000.

“I sense that you’re as much of a collector as I am, 35-36 years after a young guy, aged 11, acquired their first piece of Clarice Cliff?” Will inquired, and the proprietor consented. “What prompted you to create this collection?”

“I once went to an auction and got a small ashtray, and it all started from there – I really love the patterns and colors,” the guest added.

“When did it become so narrowly focused on these small jugs?” Will was perplexed.

“I just thought the shape was amazing,” the man added, “and when I started obtaining one or two and realized there were so many patterns to collect, I just kept with it.”

Will said, “It’s interesting, the shape we’ve got here is called the tankard shape, and actually.” “If we just look at Clarice’s career and how she enters it, she really kicks off in 1927, and it’s in that year that she begins working in a pottery named Newport.

“When she first arrived in Newport, she inherited a lot of old stock and shapes, one of which was the tankard coffee set, and what we’re looking at here are the cream jugs from a full coffee set.

“Now that you’ve mentioned patterns, I’ve done a quick count and we’ve got roughly 70. When it comes to known patterns, we believe Clarice has over 300 in her working history.

“We start with something like this,” the expert explained as he picked up one of the jugs. “A small cream jug simply banded in a Liberty Stripe design, it was quick, it was inexpensive, it met the supply, and it met the demand of the buyers.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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