Despite the diverse personalities of the participants, BTS has 1 hidden tip to hold the group together.


In the last year or so, BTS has only gained worldwide popularity, but the group has actually been together for over seven years.

The contracts of the members were expected to expire in 2020, but BTS also agreed to extend them until 2026 to remain together.

Maintaining unity within a community, especially when the individual members are so diverse, is not always easy. BTS appears to have mastered this ability, however.

Members of the BTS have very distinct personalities.

Fans who have seen the BTS reality shows and videos probably know that there are very different personalities among the participants. Although some are quieter, others are highly talkative.

As well as those who are only easy-going, there are also members who are goal-oriented and competitive.

When you look at their MBTI personality styles, the variations become evident as well. Although some members are very similar, within the group there are still a lot of different personalities.

Furthermore, members of BTS also have various hobbies, such as cooking, athletics, games, photography and reading.

How, when the members are so different, can BTS remain together?

BTS once brushed off a reporter who attempted to ask them a rude query.

Since they are so distinct, members of the BTS still disagree with each other.

For instance, J-Hope disclosed that when they first began working and living together, they “fought quite a lot” V and Jimin, in particular, admitted that the two of them clashed all the time.

However, despite their disagreements, because they continue to concentrate on one thing they have in common, BTS has managed to remain together: their determination to succeed.

Suga announced that the members are trying to think about their common goal in the 2020 documentary series “Break the Silence,”

He said, “We focus on the team while respecting everyone individually.” according to Koreaboo.

This has made it easier for BTS to understand each other and not let their differences get in the way of their collaboration. Suga said, “In some ways, we’ve become closer than our families.”

In 2018, BTS almost disbanded in

BTS: The group has chosen 3 times to go against the K-pop norms.

The group talked about disbanding in 2018, but it seemed like BTS will remain together for a long time. It was not because of their personal differences, however.

Jin announced in late 2018 that earlier this year, BTS had been speaking about disbanding. According to Elite Daily, he shared, “I remember the beginning of the year. We were struggling mentally at the beginning of the year. While we were talking among ourselves, we were even thinking about breaking up.”

Luckily for fans, with the split, BTS did not go through.

Over the difficult times, the community picked itself back up and kept working.

Jin said, “I think it’s very fortunate that we got our act together and were able to achieve good results,” “I want to thank my members who helped me pull myself together and the ARMYs who love us.”

Jimin also shared his appreciation to the fans in a livestream celebrating their 7th anniversary in June 2020, saying, “Thank you for letting us celebrate our 7th anniversary. We all shook hands and hugged each other. If we hadn’t re-signed our contracts, we wouldn’t have been able to see each other.”


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