Despite its increasing isolation and failing economy, North Korea aspires to be “self-sufficient.”


Despite growing isolation and a failing economy, North Korea wants to be “self-sufficient.”

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s tubby tyrant, is dead set on ensuring that his dictatorship can stand on its own – but he’ll have his work cut out for him given the magnitude of the country’s many problems.

According to local media reports, North Korea’s Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un, wants to further isolate the communist state by “strengthening the country’s self-reliance.”

Despite acknowledging “immediate challenges” such as a bad economy and a global pandemic, he said at a conference this week that he wants to focus on North Korea’s ideology, technology, and culture.

“The meaning of the three-revolution lies in strengthening independent power in the path to carrying out socialist tasks, breaking through unexpected challenges and hurdles,” he wrote in his message to the fifth Conference of the Frontrunners of the Three Revolutions in Pyongyang on Thursday.

“Our party’s goals are lofty, and challenges abound, but we can’t wait until all conditions are met.”

“With only our strength, we must forge ahead unafraidly on our development path.”

Kim also unveiled a new five-year economic development plan, which he previously discussed at a conference earlier this year, during which he admitted to a failure in his previous development plan due to crippling sanctions and a “prolonged border closure due to COVID-19,” according to Yonhap News.

Following the reading of his letter, Ri Il-hwan, a senior party official, spoke about the country’s technological advancement, which he claimed has advanced to a higher level.

“This will strengthen the national economy’s self-sustaining foundation,” he said.

“Except for the inaugural conference, which lasted six days, the other sessions were all two days,” South Korea’s Deputy Unification Ministry spokesman Cha Duck-chul said later at a press conference.

“Because the event is still ongoing, we will continue to monitor it until the end and thoroughly analyze and evaluate its meaning and other details.”

Kim also stated earlier today, on the second day of the conference, that he wants to expand a loyalty reward system to “spur development” as his core ideological movement “loses steam.”

According to NKNews, the instructions were read to attendees at a conference for exemplary workers.

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