Despite her £130 million net wealth, Adele claims she can’t ‘afford’ to live in London.


Despite her £130 million net wealth, Adele claims she can’t ‘afford’ to live in London.

Despite earning millions throughout her successful music career, Adele stated that she moved to Los Angeles because she couldn’t afford a home in London.

Adele said she went to Los Angeles because she “couldn’t afford” to buy a home in London.

According to British Vogue, the Sky Fall singer bought three Beverly Hills residences to get more bang for her buck.

The Tottenham native is said to have a net worth of £130 million, and her new housing disclosure has stunned followers.

Adele expressed herself as follows: “In London, I could never afford the kind of mansion I have in LA. Ever.

‘It’s hundreds of millions of pounds, and I don’t have that kind of money.’ I’d pass out.” The Grammy winner also stated that she spent the most of her time in London “in a car or inside a building,” and that she desired to relocate to a location with “fresh air and a view of the sky.” Adele also mentioned that the weather in the United Kingdom played a role in her decision.

“In England, if you don’t have a plan with a young child and it’s raining, you’re f***ed,” she stated after having Angelo.

Angelo, her nine-year-old son, is shared by the actress and her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, whom she divorced earlier this year.

According to The New York Post, the musician has three residences in Los Angeles that are worth a total of $30 million (£22 million).

Adele, on the other hand, describes her house as “very much a British cottage.”

She splurged on her compound’s third home, a gorgeous four-bedroom, four-bathroom residence with a pool and basketball court, earlier this year.

In May of this year, the house was sold for $9,950,000 (£7,307,628).

According to the Post, the singer lives in a gated community that also includes Katy Perry’s, Penelope Cruz’s, Cameron Diaz’s, Jennifer Lawrence’s, and Nicole Kidman’s residences.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Simon resides across the street in one of the houses, so “nothing changes for Angelo.”

Adele also owns a home in London, which she describes as “like Italian or something,” adding that she “won’t even sit down in it.”

Her current property success is a long cry from her childhood, when she was born and reared in a series of south London flats by her single mother Penny.

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