Despite admitting breaking hotel quarantine laws, Katie Hopkins’ Australian visa was revoked.


Despite admitting breaking hotel quarantine laws, Katie Hopkins’ Australian visa was revoked.

KATIE HOPKINS’ Australian visa was revoked after she made “reckless” remarks about breaking quarantine restrictions.

Katie Hopkins’ Australian visa has been “cancelled” after she was caught on camera bragging about breaking hotel quarantine restrictions. Karen Andrews, the Minister for Home Affairs, announced the cancellation on Monday, following Endemol Shine Australia’s decision to withdraw her contract to feature on Seven Network’s Big Brother VIP.

Overnight, Border Force has been responding to this, and they are continuing to do so today.

Karen Andrews, the Minister of Home Affairs,

Hopkins will have to leave the nation now.

It comes after she recorded a live video on Saturday morning from what she claimed was a Sydney hotel room, calling Covid-19 lockdowns “the greatest scam in human history” and questioning the hotel’s safety precautions.

She also joked about her plans to break quarantine rules to her 262K Instagram followers.

She talked about “lying in wait” for room service at the hotel door so she could “spring it open and frighten the s**t out of them and do it naked with no face mask” on the video, which has since been removed.

She laughed and added, “That’s one game I’m playing.”

To avoid direct contact and aerosol transmission, all those in hotel quarantine must wear a mask and wait 30 seconds after their food has been brought before entering their door to get it.

Hopkins’ activities prompted uproar, with the government criticizing her conduct and stranded Australians wanting to know how she was able to acquire a quarantine spot.

Andrews called her actions “shameful” and said they were “a slap in the face for all those Australians who are currently on lockdown.”

Ms Andrews issued a statement saying, “Yesterday I asked Australian Border Force to promptly assess the circumstances of this incident and urgently review whether this individual is complying with the terms of her visa.”

“Border Force has been reacting to it all night and will continue to do so today,” says the spokesperson.

“It is terrible that someone would act in this manner, endangering our health officials and community,” she said.

“The idea that she was out there gloating about breaching quarantine was appalling,” she stated on ABC News Breakfast.

“We will get her out of the country as quickly as we can.” Brinkwire Summary News


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