Despite a lengthy holiday hiatus, CBS drama NCIS Hawaii is back on the air in a weekly slot.


Despite a lengthy holiday hiatus, NCIS Hawaii has been pushed back to a weekly slot on CBS.

NCIS HAWAII will not be renewed for a second season next week, as CBS has announced a massive Monday night schedule shake-up.

The latest NCIS spin-off premiered with a bang, introducing viewers to an all-new team of Special Agents.

Following a lengthy holiday break in December, CBS has confirmed that season one of NCIS Hawaii will be canceled once more next week.

Next Monday, both NCIS Hawaii and the mainline NCIS series will air repeat episodes.

An episode from the parent show’s 19th season, Nearly Departed, will fill the usual eight o’clock slot.

NCIS Hawaii will air episode seven, Rescuers, instead of the next installment in its first season.

New episodes of both series will air back-to-back on Monday, January 17, so fans will have to wait another seven days.

Viewers who were looking forward to more NCIS action after the Christmas break will be disappointed by the scheduling changes.

Both shows returned after a month’s hiatus on Monday, but there’s still more to come.

There is, however, a clear reason for CBS’ decision to avoid scheduling more NCIS episodes in Monday’s primetime slot.

The American network will be wary of clashing with ABC’s coverage of the highly anticipated college football championship game.

CBS had little choice but to postpone the return of two of its most popular shows in order to avoid losing viewers.

NCIS Hawaii, which premiered in September, picked up steam before the holidays and is quickly becoming another wildly popular entry in the NCIS franchise.

Moreover, there is plenty of information about upcoming episodes for fans to sink their teeth into while they wait.

For the time being, plot details for episode 11: The Game are being kept under wraps, but NCIS fans can expect a promo to arrive soon.


The following week, the series will return for the first of a two-parter titled Spies.

It’s unclear whether there will be any more midseason breaks after that, though things usually get back to normal after the Christmas break.

NCIS Hawaii will continue to air until at least March of this year, according to an exciting new update.

Wilmer Valderrama and Katrina Law, who co-star on NCIS, have confirmed that they will be filming the spin-off’s first-ever crossover event with the.

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