Derrica and Natalie Wilson, the Women Behind HBO’s “Black and Missing”


Derrica and Natalie Wilson, the Women Behind HBO’s “Black and Missing”

The Gabby Petito case received more media attention than many other missing person cases because it went viral on social media. The public’s response to the sad narrative of her premature death included several eye-opening realizations. The phenomenon known as “missing white lady syndrome” exists in society, and Gabby’s disappearance proved it.

When Gabby vanished, people all around the world were frantic to find out what had happened to her. Every day, a large number of people of color go missing, and they rarely receive nearly as much attention. When a person of color goes missing, a new HBO show called Black and Missing serves as a counterbalance to the disparity in media attention. This new show, which stars Derrica and Natalie Wilson, may usher in some much-needed change.

Derrica and Natalie Wilson are sisters-in-law who use their tenacity and life experience to help solve some of the most egregious missing person cases involving non-white people. Derrica used to work as a police officer in Virginia. In reality, she was the city of Falls Church’s first black female police officer. Natalie is a public relations expert, which means she understands how to communicate effectively with the majority of people.

While Derrica is well-versed in law enforcement jargon, Natalie is an expert at attracting media attention when it’s most needed. Derrica utilizes her knowledge to persuade police departments that would rather overlook cases to take them on. Natalie works with missing people’s families and friends to assist them get as much attention as possible.

When social media “cares” about a missing person, it encourages law enforcement to expend greater resources to locate and rescue them. Natalie’s storehouse of statistics is another fantastic asset she brings to the table. When it comes to how poorly people of color are treated once they go missing, the statistics she reveals throughout the series are rather frightening.

Natalie shows in Black and Missing that 40 percent of the 600,000 persons who went missing in 2019 were people of color, with many of them being Black. Unfortunately, instances involving missing Black people take four times as long to resolve. The women… a brief overview of Brinkwire.


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