Derek’s ‘devastating’ illness is revealed by Kate Garraway: ‘He just closes down.’


Derek’s ‘devastating’ illness is revealed by Kate Garraway: ‘He just closes down.’

On Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, KATE GARRAWAY discussed the “devastating” effects of extended Covid on her husband Derek Draper.

On Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway revealed her husband Derek Draper’s illness and the “devastating” effects of extended Covid. Derek contracted COVID-19 in March of last year and is currently suffering from the virus’s consequences, necessitating 24-hour care.

Kate described the long-term impacts of Covid as “devastating,” adding, “I think that’s one of the things, Hilary, we’ve spoken about how now we’re in a scenario where most individuals are likely to catch Covid.”

“We can’t prevent people from getting it; the vaccine prevents it from becoming more dangerous.

“I believe that folks who have it mildly are beginning to claim that it is the flu.

“Flu may be terrible to people as well, but it’s not the same since flu doesn’t cause this level of organ damage.”

She continued, “Even when you look at some of the symptoms that people who have been twice vaccinated suffer from, it’s weariness.”

“Now, I thought weariness was just exhaustion from waking up early in the morning, which you know as a GP Hilary.

“I know Derek is an exceptional case because he has several organ difficulties, but even individuals with milder cases, Derek is sleeping 20 out of 24 hours a day.

“He only has 10-minute windows, and he isn’t simply tired.”

The effects of lengthy COVID are described as “devastating” by @kategarraway.

Kate claims that her husband Derek is exhausted and sleeps for “20 hours a day.”

“He becomes white, pallid, it’s like everything closes down,” Kate explained, “so you don’t want that type of exhaustion even ruling out all the other problems people have with lengthy Covid.”

“The notion that you may avoid it by simply having a lousy week in bed is life-changing.”

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