Deonna Purrazzo of Impact Wrestling teases a return to the Knockouts Tag Titles, a Britt Baker match, and more.


Deonna Purrazzo of Impact Wrestling Teases Going After Knockouts Tag Titles, Britt Baker Match, and More.

Deonna Purrazzo ruled Impact Wrestling for the majority of 2021, and she kicked off the year by co-headlining Hard To Kill with Mickie James in a brutally epic Knockouts Championship match.

That would be huge on its own, but this was the first time a Knockouts Championship match was the main event of an Impact pay-per-view, and Purrazzo and James delivered on every level.

Purrazzo spoke with ahead of her match tonight against ROH Women’s World Champion ROK-C, and we discussed Purrazzo’s potential for the Knockouts Title, the long-awaited Britt Baker match, and more.

But first, we had to discuss the Texas Death Match main event, and Purrazzo is extremely proud of what they accomplished in the ring and the fact that they created a main event-level story.


“I was in tears all week when I found out we were going to be the main event,” Purrazzo said.

“Every time someone asked me last year, ‘What else do you want to do, you’ve done so much? Was there anything else? It was supposed to be the main event,’ I said, ‘What else do you want to do, you’ve done so much?’

We weren’t the main event because we’re women; we were the main event because we told a compelling story.

From Slammiversary to Saturday night at Hard to Kill, I believe Mickie and I have been able to do just that.

We’ve traveled a long road and told a long story.

The gravity of what that means for our current Knockouts division, as well as anyone who has ever been a Knockout in the Knockouts division’s history, has served as a reminder of the legacy we have and what I get to carry on.

It’s also really cool.”

While the match was fantastic and Purrazzo was up for anything, this isn’t Purrazzo’s favorite type of match.

However, it was also the ideal type of match to bring the story between these two rivals to a close.

“I think what was difficult for me was that it’s not my style of wrestling, and I prefer the technical style, which is pretty and smooth, and you know what I mean? It’s difficult for me to look back and say, ‘Oh, I loved that,’ because it’s just not what I enjoy about wrestling….

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