Denise Van Outen’s love life includes a Hollywood star, a nightclub owner, and a divorce.


Denise Van Outen’s love life includes a Hollywood star, a nightclub owner, and a divorce.

Denise Van Outen, the former host of Big Breakfast and a TV personality, has dated a famous 90s musician and a musical theater performer in the past.

Denise Van Outen, an actress and host, shocked fans recently when she announced her breakup from boyfriend Eddie Boxshall.

Denise made the shocking announcement last week on social media, saying: “It saddens me to confirm that we are no longer a couple.”

“I had no choice but to end our relationship.”

Denise’s past love life includes dating a huge musical theatre star, fellow actors and film makers, as well as a massive 90s pop star, and Brinkwire takes a look at Denise’s past love life.

Denise Van Outen had a high-profile relationship with Jay Kay, a huge 90s popstar.

With Jamiroquai, Jay Kay had massive success, with hit singles like Virtual Insanity, Cosmic Girl, and Deeper Underground.

During this time, he dated Denise Van Outen for over three years, starting in 1998, and the couple got engaged, with Jay Kay describing Denise as “making him laugh” and saying he “wouldn’t want anyone else.”

Work-related issues were cited by both Denise and Jay Kay as the reason for their breakup, with Jay Kay telling OK! Magazine before their split, “If Denise and I get to spend five days together, it’s a bonus.”

Because of our busy schedules, we rarely get to see each other.”

“Jay and I are still really good friends, and people are speculating so much about why we broke up,” Denise told The Mirror, despite their breakup.

“The reason was work-related, but we’re still happy and in touch.”

Denise began dating fellow actor and filmmaker Nick Moran in 2001, the same year her relationship with Jay Kay ended.

Nick has starred in major motion pictures such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts I and II.

Their romance, however, was short-lived, and the couple split up not long after.

Denise dated nightclub owner Richard Traviss for over two years after her breakup with Nick Moran, and they later became engaged.

Richard lavished his affection on Denise, reportedly purchasing 100 red roses for her.

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