‘Debt makes people nervous!’ In the GMB row, Russell Kane strongly defends apprenticeships.


‘Debt makes people nervous!’ In the GMB row, Russell Kane strongly defends apprenticeships.

During an interview on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, RUSSELL KANE defended BTEC courses and apprenticeships with zeal.

Russell, a comedian, told broadcasters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard that the discourse surrounding education needs to change because many students are discouraged from pursuing an apprenticeship. He urged trade group leaders to speak up and explain why they are a smart choice for students anxious about going into debt at university. He also told the hosts of Good Morning Britain that the way student loans are discussed needs to be changed because many people are unaware of how much debt they may have.

Russell began, “We have to be careful with the terminology we use.” “It tries to restrict working-class people by saying, ‘Oh, it’s fine, just go do a trade.’

“Trades are excellent, therefore let’s get carpenters, plumbers, and leaders of those associations to demonstrate why apprenticeships are fantastic.”

Kate exclaimed, “Well, you’re completely right.” “For example, I sat at a BTEC induction day that Darcey was about to attend, and it perpetuated.

“The secondary school advised us that the BTEC was fantastic and that all young people should consider taking it. They’re getting rid of them now.

“Do you think it’s a part of the problem?” Young people believe that universities have always existed because they have seen people who have achieved success in the past go to university.

“Advising someone to take a different path can come out as patronizing.”

“People underestimate the money as well,” Russell explained.

“What irritates me about this issue is that there is this tremendous debt, and the first thing someone says is, ‘Yes, but it’s a loan, and you don’t have to pay it back until you earn a certain amount.’

“Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone like myself, who has always been scared of debt, regardless of how it is paid.

“That’s my father saying, ‘You pay it back, you owe no one anything, and you die without a mortgage.’

“From the beginning, that’s how you’re raised. So you can tell us all day, ‘Oh, it’s only £60,000 in debt, you’ll be able to pay it off when you earn x amount of pounds a year,’ but there’s a cultural anxiety.

“That is why you are witnessing a widening of social mobility because people are taught to be afraid.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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