Deborah James of the BBC asks the body to ‘work’ following the announcement of a new ‘plan of action’ for cancer treatment.


Deborah James of the BBC asks the body to ‘work’ following the announcement of a new ‘plan of action’ for cancer treatment.

DEBORAH JAMES has resorted to social media to ask her body to “function” while she undergoes a new “plan of action” for her incurable colon cancer.

Deborah James, 39, a former deputy headteacher, has made a plea for her body to “function” as she continues to get treatment for stage 4 colon cancer. After attending the men’s final at Wimbledon, the mother-of-two underwent a grueling chemotherapy treatment and “life-saving operation” that left her feeling “wobbly.”

Come on, people!!! Work! Please!

Deborah James is a writer who lives in the United

The presenter used her 179,000 followers to publish a photo of herself in the hospital on her Instagram stories.

The actress wore a mask and a plain white t-shirt while she imagined her arm being patched up and resting on her leg.

She commented, “Come on body!!!” over the photograph. Work! Please!”

The actress tweeted a video of herself playing with her kid yesterday, as she informed that she was receiving a new “plan of action” from The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Bowel Babe stated on social media at the beginning of the month that she had been sent to the hospital with a “spiking fever” as part of her cancer treatment.

Deborah previously stated that her “drugs have ceased functioning” and her “liver is deteriorating,” prompting her to have a stent implanted and restart chemotherapy.

Despite the treatment, the media celebrity attended the SW19 championships with her husband Sebastian Bowen and two children, refusing to miss out on a “chance to make memories.”

“Yes, I’m quite shaky, and it needed an army of aid, and perfectly timed energy windows, with tons of assistance – and yes, I’m now at home in bed resting!” she wrote.

“But, after the last week, it’s all about the chance to make memories with my family.”

“When I was in the hospital, my husband even went shopping with the team for the costumes and virtually included me!” continued the radio host.

“After praising Ralph Lauren for his support of The Royal Marsden Hospital, the Instagram star said she was now back at home and “resting” after a hard day.

She added, “I’m now back on my parents’ sofa with the whole family, feeling devastated but happy to have made it.”

The You, Me, and the Big. “Brinkwire Summary News” was published just days before her debut in the Wimbledon finals.


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