Death to 2020, WandaVision, all the Harry Potter films: what’s in January streaming in Australia


Among the other series and movies coming to an app near you, The Watch, The Dig, Bump, 12 Monkeys and One Night in Miami are

NetflixDeath to 2020Movie, US/UK, 2020 – now available The old adage “comedy is tragedy plus time” hits home that with a little space, awful things can become hilarious.

Creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones (who also directed Black Mirror) hope that viewers will not need much time to see the 2020 absurdities in a humorous light – for want of a better term – packing a fast-paced recap of the year into the very amusing and exciting Death to 2020. The inclusion of high-profile actors playing talking experts (including Samuel L. Jackson as a journalist, Lisa Kudrow as a Kayleigh McEnany-like right-winger and Hugh Grant as a pompous historian) places the show in the mockumentary genre, offering plenty of LOL lines. Charlie Brooker:’ There is a certain release in laughing into the abyss.’

But sadly, the many incidents it represents is very real, making this a “stranger than fiction” true story with a very short shooting time. The History of Swear WordsTV, USA, 2020 – Beginning January 5A documentary series hosted by Nicolas Cage on the history of swear words? It just has to work.

I will admit, however, that you are not reading the opinion of a rational person here, but that of someone who emerged a few years ago from a 24-hour Nicolas Cage marathon with an unhealthy infatuation with the actor and a new life goal to watch all of his films – preferably several times – in what some online commentators have called a Stockholm Syndrome textbook case.

The DigFilm, US/UK – out January 29 Acclaimed Australian theater director Simon Stone made a gripping film debut with The Daughter in 2015: an atmospheric, brooding reworking of The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen. And yet I’m convinced: this show just has to work. The Dig is the second feature of Stone, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Preston, starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes in a true story about a wealthy widow who inadvertently stumbles across one of the greatest British archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, along with an archaeologist she hires: Cobra Kai Season 3 (TV, Jan. 1), Bits of a Woman (film, Jan. 7 January), Beneat,

But that’s not a bad thing. Honestly, I really like the odd look of this series, which is a little futuristic, a little medieval, a little junkyard-esque, like it’s cobbled together from the detritus of different cities and time points. We are informed that the series is set “somewhere in a far-flung secondhand dimension,” with the operative word being “secondhand”: it has a really great, scrapped aesthetic that looks in a real and worn way used and devalued. In an absurd society divided into various guilds, the Thieves Guild, for example, which allows people to steal legally, and the Murderers Guild, which allows for legal murder, the plot revolves around the titular Ankh Morpork Police: a law-enforcing/enforcing/breaking/completely ignoring power.

I’ve seen the first two episodes and I’m looking forward to returning to this world; in fact, I wish it was a video game so that I could spend time on my own terms inspecting and exploring it. BumpTV, Australia, 2020 – January 1. Aspiring actress Nathalie Morris delivers a highly compelling performance as the unyielding teen protagonist in Bump, Stan’s new 10-part Australian original series. JanuaryBump: How Claudia Karvan and John Edwards captured “the world of teens ” Continue reading

She plays Oly, who in the first episode has a baby without understanding that she’s pregnant — the kind of story we often read in the tabloids, however gracefully and accessibly told here. The first two episodes are well-acting, fast-paced and enjoyable (all those I’ve seen so far), opening up a potentially heavy subject with ease: Arrival (film, Jan. 1), The Railway Man (film, Jan. 1), 8 Mile (film, Jan. 2), Babe (film, Jan. 3), Babe: Pig in th


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