DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 40% on Southern Comfort whiskey at a ‘bargain price.’


DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 40% on Southern Comfort whiskey at a ‘bargain price.’

SOUTHERN COMFORT WHISKY has recently been granted an amazing bargain on Amazon, with the price lowered by a stunning 40%.

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Southern Comfort is a bar cart staple for many cocktail aficionados across the UK, and is a solid favorite with whiskey experts and novices alike. And there’s no better time to stock up than now, when it’s available at a big discount on Amazon.

A bottle of Southern Comfort Whisky usually costs £43.94, but you can get it for £26.57 right now, saving you £17.37.

(£26.57) Amazon

The whisky is a “great purchase,” according to one ecstatic reviewer. Price is unbeatable – tops supermarket prices. I would strongly recommend this product because it is genuine.”

Southern Comfort is a distinctive drink made from a blend of whisky, fruit, and spices that originated in New Orleans.

(£26.57) Amazon

Even if whisky isn’t normally your drink of choice, you can mix some sweet and delectable cocktails with it that might persuade you to change your mind.

Simply combine the following ingredients to make a Southern Berry Sour:

cranberries (three)


Southern Comfort 50ml

100 milliliters cranberry juice

Sicilian lemonade, 50 mL

a teaspoon of lemon juice

Stir gently into a glass and serve with a lemon wedge for a refreshing cocktail great for a summer afternoon.

If you want a Pornstar Martini, combine 35 mL Southern Comfort, 10 mL passion fruit puree, 10 mL passionfruit syrup, 10 mL fresh lime juice, and 25 mL cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker and shake well before straining into a martini glass.

This drink is similar to a less sweet version of the cult classic cocktail.

While supplies last, you can get a 1.5L bottle of Southern Comfort on Amazon.


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