Days after his military service, BTOB Sungjae is cast in the K-drama ‘Gold Spoon.’


Days after his military service, BTOB Sungjae lands a role in the K-drama ‘Gold Spoon.’

Cube Entertainment confirmed that they had received a proposal from BTOB’s Yook Sungjae to star in ‘Gold Spoon,’ and that they were ‘considering it positively.’

Sungjae has been considering K-drama projects after his recent discharge from the military, so now that the K-pop group BTOB has finally ended their military era, there is a lot the boys will be able to do in terms of solo projects.

When the two members of BTOB, Sungjae and Hyunsik, enlisted in the military, the official sub-unit of the group, BTOB 4U, took over the group’s activities in terms of music.

The reunited and complete group can begin work on new projects once each subunit has completed their own activities, including promotions.

Minhyuk (also known as HUTA) of the group is currently enjoying a lot of success, with his recently released single ‘Good Night’ being a hit with fans.

His chiseled body and veiny washboard abs, which grace the Korean edition of Men’s Health magazine in the December 2021 issue, are also turning heads.

Now that Sungjae and Hyunsik have returned home from serving their country, the group is complete and will resume their schedule as a whole.

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The enlistment era of BTOB is over, and in January 2022, all six members will meet in person for a fan meet.

Prosecutors want BTOB singer Jung Ilhoon to serve two years in prison and pay a fine of (dollar)107,000.

‘Gold Spoon’ with Sungjae?

Sungjae, on the other hand, has some exciting news to share with his fans who have enjoyed his appearances in K-dramas and variety shows.

Sungjae was set to return to acting with a new K-drama titled ‘Gold Spoon’ on November 24, according to reports.

It’s unclear whether Sungjae will appear in the webtoon drama, but fans can only hope for good news.

The Korean drama will be based on the same-named webtoon.

The plot revolves around a young boy named Seung Cheon who discovers a magical spoon that allows him to swap lives with his wealthy best friend.

Making this life-changing decision puts him in a situation where he must choose between three options.

Seung Cheon has three chances to make a difference in his life.

With his two options in mind, it’s up to Seung Cheon to decide whether he wants to stay in the rich world or leave.

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