Dawon and Hwiyoung of SF9 test positive for Covid-19, putting their solo projects on hold.


Dawon and Hwiyoung of SF9 test positive for Covid-19, putting their solo projects on hold.

Fans are concerned about the constant reports of their favorite K-pop idols being diagnosed with Covid-19. Dawon was meant to photograph for a magazine cover while Hwiyoung was filming for the K-drama ‘Miracle’ alongside Chani. South Korea had previously been praised for its normalcy during the pandemic due to its strong control. However, now that there is no lockdown and everything is back on track, it is impacting musicians who must go to crowded venues for their scheduled performances. The previous several months have been the worst yet, with multiple musicians and ensembles being infected with Covid-19 at the same time. Dawon and Hwiyoung of SF9 are the latest idols to test positive, indicating that it is still not under control.

On October 13, it was revealed that a member of SF9’s label, FNC Entertainment, had tested positive for Covid-19. Last weekend, the staff member had also spoken with three members of SF9. Dawon and the group’s maknae (youngest) line — Hwiyoung and Chani — turned out to be the culprits. The three idol actors were promptly tested and the findings were awaited. Unfortunately, it was reported on October 14 that, while Chani was spared, Dawon and Hwiyoung had received Covid-19.

‘The King’s Affection’: Super Junior’s K.R.Y releases the SF9 OST song Rowoon’s K-drama is now airing. Zuho will appear in the hip-hop medical satire ‘Emergency’ as well as a new web drama in October. Covid-19 is given to Dawon and Hwiyoung. The remainder of the members had also been tested as a precautionary measure, according to FNC Entertainment’s announcement, and their results had thankfully came back negative. Dawon and Hwiyoung have gone into self-quarantine for the time being and are being looked for. The rest of SF9 is waiting for findings to see if they qualify as close contact instances. If necessary, they will be placed in self-quarantine as well.

The members, with the exception of Zuho, who lives alone, all share dorms. However, some people are preoccupied with single tasks and rarely remain at home. Rowoon hasn’t resided in the dorm in a while, which has fans relieved because he is dormmates with Dawon in the ongoing K-drama ‘The King’s Affection.’ They were disappointed, though, because Dawon was meant to shoot for his cover of Men’s Health magazine. Hwiyoung, on the other hand, was busy filming for the K-drama ‘Miracle,’ in which Chani also appears. Both of their schedules appear to have been put on hold until they have recovered.

Another group of FNCs was in danger last month. Covid-19 had been assigned to each member of N.Flying one by one. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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