Dave and Shirley, stars of Gogglebox, were obliged to apologize to fans after receiving an urgent fraud alert.


Dave and Shirley, stars of Gogglebox, were obliged to apologize to fans after receiving an urgent fraud alert.

Favorite members of the GOGGLEBOX cast Following their involvement in a scam, Dave and Shirley Griffiths have apologized to their supporters.

After the couple’s Instagram account was hacked, Gogglebox stars Dave and Shirley Griffiths issued an urgent warning to fans. The Channel 4 favourites warned viewers not to click on a link that had been distributed on social media.

The couple submitted a handwritten statement to the photo-sharing site, warning that they had been “hacked.”

“Please reject any communication that suggests Dave and Shirley provided you a link,” the handwritten note said. This is not from us, and my account has been hacked. Dave and Shirl, I apologize.”

In light of their 76,000 followers, they captioned the post, “This link states I’ve worked on this for hours this is not us sorry.”

Fans claimed they received a link purporting to be from Dave and Shirley, and the Gogglebox duo were instantly besieged with comments.

“There’s a lot of it going around Dave and Shirley,” one wrote.

“I just got it Dave,” wrote another. Thank you for informing us all. I hope you get things figured out, and my best wishes to you and Shirl.”

“I didn’t open it since I didn’t think it was from you both. “I hope you have it figured out,” said a third.

“Thanks for the heads up, hope you get things sorted,” said a fourth.

A couple of their followers claimed their accounts had been erased after clicking the links supplied by Dave and Shirley, assuming it was Dave and Shirley.

One complained, “My accounts have been entirely cleared, I can log in but cannot do anything, so I had to establish a new one, I’ve had it for years.”

“Yeah, I’ve got it,” remarked another. Regrettably, I attempted to open it.”

After their account was hacked, their Gogglebox cast colleagues sent Dave and Shirley their best wishes.

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“Aww no can’t believe that, sorry you two!” wrote Izzi Warner. I’ve gotten a few of these from different accounts.”

Ellie, her sister, agreed, saying, “Omg, I can’t believe that!” I’ve had a lot of those kinds of texts, but not from you guys. Take care, lovelies xxx.”

In recent months, the number of phishing schemes targeting Britons has increased. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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