Darcey Silva and her ex-fiancé Georgi’s relationship may not be over.


Darcey Silva and her ex-fiancé Georgi’s relationship may not be over.

Darcey Silva’s first two seasons on Darcey andamp; Stacey were a rollercoaster.

She was engaged to Georgi Rusev at the end of Season 1, but things got even worse in Season 2 when he met with her ex and she did the same behind his back.

Darcey then confronted Georgi about her suspicions that he was using her.

Season 2 concluded with the couple no longer appearing to be as strong as they once were.

Is Georgi on Darcey andamp; Stacey Season 3 or not?

If Darcey didn’t go through the ringer with romance and dating, it wouldn’t be a true Darcey andamp; Stacey season.

Darcey and her twin bestie Stacey Silva, of course, have other things on their plates, such as promoting their clothing line House of 11 and achieving their goals of becoming empowered boss women.

However, viewers are still curious about Georgi’s fate.

A Georgi and Darcey reunion is hinted at in the Season 3 trailer for Darcey andamp; Stacey.

What this means for their future is unclear, but it does indicate that Georgi will appear in Season 3 in some capacity.

Knowing Darcey, she might give him another chance.

Darcey admitted there’s still something between her and Georgi in an interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the premiere.

“Breakups aren’t always easy — you guys know I wear my heart on my sleeve — but at the end of the day, there’s still a flame burning,” she said.

“I believe you will see all of the challenges that Georgi and I face on this journey together, in our relationship, and the first episode will definitely show a lot of that.”

I’m excited for you to see what I’ve been through and, you know, just living life.”

Stacey also stated that she supported Darcey meeting with Georgi, stating that Darcey “wanted to make it work,” and that their family simply wants to see Darcey happy.

If Georgi makes Darcey happy in the long run, we’ll likely see a lot more of him in Season 3 when they reunite.

Even if Darcey returns with Georgi in Season 3, viewers may encounter a new Darcey who is…

Brinkwire in a nutshell.




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