Danny John-Jules rekindles feud with Lorraine host over Z-list swipe, calling her “full of baloney.”


Danny John-Jules rekindles feud with Lorraine presenter over Z-list swipe, calling her “full of baloney.”

Danny John-Jules, star of DEATH IN PARADISE, has slammed former Lorraine host Dan Wootton for referring to the actor as a “Z-lister” on the show.

In an exclusive interview with This website, Danny John-Jules, 61, of Red Dwarf fame, spoke out against GB News presenter Dan Wootton, 38.

Following Lorraine’s Strictly elimination in 2018, the Death In Paradise star has branded Dan a “villainous character.”

Danny will be seen in the theatrical adaptation of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code on Monday, playing Sir Leigh Teabing, a character played by Sir Ian McKellen in the 2006 film.

When asked where he got the idea for such a villainous character, the actor mentioned GB News presenter Wootton.

“He called me a Z-lister and he doesn’t even know who I am!” Danny explained.

“You see, when you start fights you can’t finish, this is what happens.”

He’s a villainous character, and I didn’t do anything to him.

“He never said a word, and he hasn’t met me since Adam.”

He referred to me as a Z-lister.”

Danny went on to describe how Dan had mentioned him live on Lorraine the day before.

“You’re full of nonsense! You’re telling me you’re in showbiz, so keep it showbiz.”

You, on the other hand, aren’t in show business; you’re a fraud.

“You don’t keep it showbiz because you’re not talking about a political scenario.”

“I keep my work and personal lives separate.

So I’m an artist when I’m working, and I’m a different person when I’m not.

“So you take it upon yourself to talk about the guy off-stage rather than the guy on-stage, but you don’t know the guy off-stage, you only know me for my performances.”

The actor went on to explain why Dan’s comments had such a personal impact on him.

He explained, “The reason it was personal was because I was in that room with my mother that night.”

“And what he said on TV about me was a lie, and my mother knows it.

“As a result, you and I have been enemies since that time.”

And it’s for this reason that he’s portrayed as a villain.

“I recall seeing him in a room and he made a.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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