Danny Dyer is leaving EastEnders after signing a six-figure deal to star in a new Sky drama.


Danny Dyer has left EastEnders after’signing a six-figure deal to appear in a new Sky drama,’ according to reports.

After reportedly signing a six-figure deal with Sky to appear in an upcoming drama, Danny Dyer has left EastEnders as Queen Vic landlord and fan favorite Mick Cater.

Danny Dyer, who played Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter for eight years on EastEnders, has left the BBC show.

The 44-year-old actor has reportedly agreed to a six-figure deal to star in a forthcoming Sky drama.

It means he’s no longer bound by the £1 million golden handcuffs contract he signed with the BBC in 2018, which prevented him from appearing in shows on rival networks.

Danny and some of his co-stars are said to be dissatisfied with the Beeb’s strict controls, which have prevented them from doing other work.

It’ll be a major setback for the show, which signed Danny in 2013 in what turned out to be a ratings hit.

“Danny has offers coming in left, right and centre,” a source told Mirror, “and a lot of the things he’s wanted to do he can’t because EastEnders has such strict rules.”

“It’s driven him insane at times, and he’s ready to move on.”

It hasn’t been easy, though.

The BBC tried desperately to keep him, but he was adamant, and when Sky approached, they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“For Dan, this is the beginning of a new chapter, and he’s ecstatic.”

Danny, a father of three, appeared in dozens of films prior to EastEnders, including the cult classic The Football Factory, Mean Machine, and Dead Man Running.

He was first approached to star in the BBC One soap opera in April 2009, but he declined because he didn’t believe he could handle the pressure.

However, in October 2013, the BBC announced that Danny had been cast in the soap opera and would begin airing in December 2013.

Since joining the soap, he’s been a part of a number of tense storylines.

Danny took a short break from EastEnders in 2017; at the time, BBC bosses claimed that he was experiencing ‘exhaustion,’ but Danny later revealed the true reason for his break.

During his brief hiatus from the show, Danny flew to South Africa and spoke with Jake Wood on his Pound For Pound boxing podcast about his trip.

Danny told Jake, “I had a few wacky years.”

When you achieve a certain level of celebrity, you have a responsibility to speak out.

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