Danni Menzies, host of A Place In The Sun, has an embarrassing ‘smelly’ dress conundrum.


Danni Menzies, host of A Place In The Sun, has an embarrassing ‘smelly’ dress conundrum.

A SUNRISE LOCATION Danni Menzies, the presenter, has stated that she had an embarrassing situation while filming in another country.

Danni Menzies, 32, of A Place In The Sun, keeps fans up to date on her daily activities. Today was no exception, as the real estate guru took to Instagram to announce that she had a wardrobe malfunction while working in Spain.

The Channel 4 favourite said that she had been filming in another country, but conceded that there was a minor issue.

The actress revealed that she had only taken one dress with her on her trip.

Danni was dressed in a lovely leopard print gown, but she stated that it was time for her to change.

“Day three in the same outfit,” she began on Instagram stories.

“In Spain, we started recording the show a day later since the rules had changed due to Brexit.”

“Everyone is knackered, and I only brought one dress, so I am smelling,” Danni continued.

“Hopefully, we’ll be the first ones to finish [filming].”

Later, the Channel 4 presenter turned to Instagram to post a photo of the clothing she was wearing while filming A Place In The Sun.

D A N N I M E N Z I E S (@danni.menzies) shared a post.

Danni flaunted her beautiful curves in the wrap around dress in a series of images.

The presenter wore her long pins with a pair of platform heels to complete her look.

As she beamed at the camera, her distinctive blonde locks flowed loosely over her shoulders.

“It’s time for an outfit change!” she wrote in the caption. “I adored this leopard print number.”

Danni followed up with some great news about upcoming episodes of A Place In The Sun in a follow-up video.

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Danni stated, “A lot of people have been texting me asking when the new programs are coming out.”

“I don’t know, but we’re all trying really hard to make it happen.”

“I’ll let you know as soon as we find out.”

Danni later clarified in a follow-up video that she had been in Spain for the previous four days.

“Today is actually day four. I’m just going to do a.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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