Daniel Craig initially refused to play Bond and had to be ‘bullied’ into returning after the release of Spectre.


Daniel Craig initially refused to play Bond and had to be ‘bullied’ into returning after the release of Spectre.

DANIEL CRAIG has stated that when he was given his first James Bond picture, Casino Royale, he turned it down because he feared it would “f**k up my life and career.” After that, he was “bullied” into returning for No Time To Die.

Everyone knows that after completing Spectre, the actor was weary and famously said, “I’d sooner slash my wrists than make another Bond picture.” It was spun at the time as being taken out of context and that he was simply expressing his physical exhaustion from the hard schedule and injuries. According to the official word, five films had been planned all along, with one remaining to be completed. Craig, however, admitted in a new interview for BAFTA last night that franchise producer Barbara Broccoli had to fight very hard to persuade him to return for one final picture. He also admitted that he had to be persuaded to accept the part in the first place.

Craig, who was just appointed an honorary Commander in the Royal Navy, discussed the impact of his injuries on the set of Spectre. During a battle with Dave Bautista, he badly injured his knee and said that “Barbara Broccoli bullied me” into returning.

“I’m going to say that right here, and I’m so glad I did,” he continued.

Interestingly, he also disclosed that the producer had to do the same thing the first time she gave Craig the part: “I just responded, ‘I can’t.'” I mean, I believe you’ve mistakenly identified the wrong individual. Thank you for the compliment, however I believe you have the wrong individual. Maybe you’re auditioning a lot of individuals and trying to get a sense of what it’s like…'” Craig stated, ” “People would remark things like, ‘Oh, you must have always wanted to be James Bond.’ ‘Well, sure, I kind of thought about it as a youngster,’ I said. I’ve always wanted to be Spider-Man, but I assumed it would never happen.’ And I never expected it to pop up on my radar.

“I was just like, ‘I don’t know, that’s such an awful amount of pressure, and God almighty, that’s just going to be such a huge deal.'” Am I prepared? “Brinkwire Summary News” is something I’m really enjoying right now.


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