Dan Walker’s colleague comments about a dance blunder and calls him “irritating.”


Dan Walker’s colleague comments about a dance blunder and calls him “irritating.”

Dan Walker of STRICTLY COME DANCING was upset with his performance on last night’s show after a misstep during his Foxtrot. While commenting on the dance, his BBC Breakfast colleague Katherine Downes described the presenter as “irritating.”

Katherine expressed her sympathy for colleague host Dan Walker after he made a mistake during his dance on Sunday’s BBC Breakfast with former Strictly Come Dancing professional Flavia Cacace-Mistry. Dan had a major slip-up during his Foxtrot on the hit BBC competition, which was picked up on by the judges, and Katherine described him as ‘irritating.’

“We’ve got to talk about Dan,” the 39-year-old host said.

“Because he has those ballroom qualities, but he’s made a major blunder. When he had to face the judges’ comments, you could see his shoulders droop.” Flavia responded, ” “”That’s the point,” she continues, “I said at the start, he’ll be fantastic at ballroom, he just has to stick with it, keep trying, and work on the hold.”

“Because he lacks performing experience, when something goes wrong, you can see it in his face right away.

“‘No, keep going,’ I said. He kept continuing, which is positive, and perhaps this is a learning curve.” The presenter responded by saying: “He’s one of those obnoxious guys who has never failed at anything, therefore he made this error.

“He swiftly re-entered the fray.” The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant agreed: “He did, but he only let his face show that it had happened.

“On-screen, you can’t always see the errors. He could have gotten away with it a lot more if he had tried harder.

“Now that it’s occurred once, he knows what to do if it happens again: just keep going and smiling.

“I still have high expectations for his ballroom. He has demonstrated his ability to do side-by-side, and he has good arms, hands, and extension.” His coworker went on to say: “And congrats to him; I can’t imagine anything scarier than live dancing on a Saturday night.

“I’m hoping the public vote will help him win.” “What was the performance of the night?” she inquired of Flavia, seeking professional advice. “I had three,” the 41-year-old said. “It was a lovely performance by Rose and Giovanni.

“It was breathtaking during the third week. What I liked about it was how simple it was.

“It’s possible to have a lot going on with costumes and special effects, and still have someone. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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