Dan Walker, the Strictly Come Dancing star, is bracing himself for “hateful” criticism of his beliefs, dubbed “Skin of a rhino.”


Dan Walker, the Strictly Come Dancing star, is bracing himself for “hateful” criticism of his beliefs, dubbed “Skin of a rhino.”

Dan Walker, who will make his Strictly Come Dancing debut in 2021, claims he has the “skin of a rhino” when it comes to accepting criticism.

Dan Walker, the BBC Breakfast presenter, has stated that he will not be affected by any negative feedback when he competes on Strictly Come Dancing next month. The 44-year-old former Football Focus broadcaster said that he has grown “rhino skin” when it comes to hearing other people’s opinions on him, a trait he attributes to his Christian faith.

It makes no difference to me what others write or say about me.

Dan Walker is a writer and a musician.

Dan is used to reading what others think of him as a public figure and a frequent user of social media, but the actor has explained how he doesn’t let it bother him.

“I don’t care what people write or think about me,” he remarked.

The celebrity then said that his easygoing approach stems from his faith.

“That’s because, as a Christian, I don’t place my worth in what other people think of me,” Dan added.

“I understand that I have no control over all of the nasty or hateful things that people say about me, my family, or my faith.

On The Profile podcast, he said, “And I’m thankful that I’ve developed rhino skin.”

Next month, the newsreader will compete for the prized Glitterball trophy on the dancefloor.

During a recent interview on BBC Breakfast, the sports reporter rebutted charges that he was “nasty” and “unpleasant” to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

Dan questioned Dominic last week on his recent family vacation to Greece, citing the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, and noting that many social media users had encouraged him to ask the questions to the Foreign Secretary.

Dominic rejected suggestions that he was relaxing instead of focusing on Afghanistan, claiming that if he had known what was coming, he would not have gone away at all.

“Fully understood, and I appreciate your candor in answering those questions,” Dan said, “so can I ask you one more question on that? Were you then informed or asked to return home on Friday, and then persuaded the Prime Minister to let you stay till Sunday?”

Dominic called such assertions “nonsense” and reiterated that he was. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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