Dan Walker reacts as Michael Gove misses an interview due to a BBC lift breakdown.


Dan Walker reacts to Michael Gove missing an interview due to a BBC lift breakdown.

Michael Gove was spotted getting stuck in a BBC lift this morning, where he remained for 30 minutes, according to Dan Walker.

After getting stuck in a lift at New Broadcasting House this morning, Michael Gove missed an interview with the BBC.

At 8.10 a.m., the Cabinet Minister was scheduled to speak on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about his plans to address the cladding crisis.

Presenter Nick Robinson revealed the setback, telling listeners, “You might have been hoping to hear from Michael Gove at this time.”

“He’d graciously come into the building so we wouldn’t have to deal with one of those inconvenient line failures.”

“Mr Gove has become stranded in the Broadcasting House lift.”

Michael Gove is finally out of the lift behind my desk, where he’d been stuck for half an hour pic.twitter.comY9g7X3SA4i

After 30 minutes, the politician and his security guard were reportedly let out of the lift.

The hashtag (hashtag)FreeMichaelGove began trending on Twitter and drew the attention of a number of celebrities.

“Anyone know what radio station is on in that lift?” asked BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, who retweeted a photo of Mr Gove stuck in the transparent lift that was shared by one of his colleagues.

“It’s the Radio 1Xtra lift,” BBC journalist Jackie Leonard responded.

We know he likes the music, at the very least.”

“Housing Secretary Michael Gove is stuck in a BBC Broadcasting House lift…Not a joke,” Victoria Derbyshire added.

“Michael Gove stuck in a lift at (hashtag)BroadcastingHouse so can’t do an interview about building safety,” LBC host Shelagh Fogarty wrote.

“Michael Gove has discovered the answer to that age-old question, ‘Who would be the worst person to be stuck in a lift with?'” joked author Nick Pettigrew.

“He is the solution,” says the narrator.

“Michael Gove got stuck in a lift in Broadcasting House,” joked journalist Declan Cashin.

“I’ve waited longer than that for a lift in Broadcasting House to become available.”

“For them, there is one rule, and so on.”

At approximately 8.30 a.m., Mr Gove arrived at the BBC Radio 4 studio.

Nick, the presenter, apologized on behalf of the BBC.

“After more than half an hour in the lift, you successfully ‘levelled me up,’ so I’m delighted to be here,” Mr Gove replied.

“I totally understand; things like this happen.”


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