Dan Walker declined to wear the Strictly costume as he talks about his ‘transformation fight.’


Dan Walker declined to wear the Strictly costume as he talks about his ‘transformation fight.’

DAN WALKER described the difficulties of morphing on Saturday evening for the BBC series Strictly Come Dancing, explaining why he declined to wear a Strictly Come Dancing costume during the weekend.

On Saturday, the BBC Breakfast host and his partner Nadiya Bychkova stepped to the dance floor dressed as gladiators to perform the Paso Doble. Despite confessing to struggle with his hosting duties and rehearsals, Dan and Nadiya received a good rating from the judges and advanced to the next round of the competition. Dan said on Monday’s BBC Breakfast alongside his co-host Sally Nugent that the Strictly bosses urged him to wear a muscle suit for his routine, but he declined.

“I was asked at the weekend since I was dressed as a gladiator,” Dan said of his routine.

“A muscle suit was brought in by the wonderful wardrobe team.”

“They remarked, ‘We thought you would like to wear this,'” says the narrator.

As they showed a photo of the presenter wearing the muscle suit, Dan smiled and Sally gasped.

“With which I experimented, I was attempting to be polite and sociable.”

“I’m wearing it under the suit this morning,” he laughed.

“What were they thinking when they did it to you?” Sally inquired, and Dan said, “I’m not sure.” He went on to say, “I turned it down.” “I told you you have to use what Mama gave me,” she added. Sally said, “And that is what you did,” as Dan burst out laughing.

Dan informed Sally about his troubles with removing the eyeliner he wore as part of his costume: “I’ve been furiously trying to remove eyeliner for the most of the weekend.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever worn eyeliner.” What makes it so tough to remove it? I was able to get rid of it in 48 hours.” “The thing about eyeliner is that it’s impossible to get all of it off,” Sally added.

“And then you wake up the next day and it’s still a little smokey.”

“There I am,” Dan said as a picture of him and his dance partner appeared on the screen.

“My professional partner requested that I smolder, and this is my finest effort.

“I’m trying to smoulder, but doesn’t it feel a little like a Flash Gordon remake?”

Nina Wadia, a former EastEnders actress, was the first celebrity to exit the competition on Sunday’s first elimination program.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Nina and.


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