Dan Walker apologizes for the BBC Breakfast mishap There are numerous difficulties.


Dan Walker apologizes for the BBC Breakfast mishap There are numerous difficulties.

DAN WALKER apologized to BBC Breakfast viewers after a technical fault threw the show into disarray on Tuesday.

On Tuesday’s episode of BBC Breakfast, the clock that usually appears in the left corner of the screen didn’t appear and stayed missing for the duration of the broadcast. On Wednesday morning, Dan Walker, who co-presented the show with Louise Minchin, apologized to BBC viewers who had had “all sorts of troubles” as a result, pointing out that the clock had been reset.

Dan took the chance to apologize for the previous episode’s chaos after a little microphone malfunction towards the end of Nina Warhurst’s live report from Liverpool.

He added, “By the way, discussing technicals, the clock is back.”

“Yes, look what’s back!” said co-host Louise Minchin. “Only a few feet away.”

“We were without a clock for the entire day yesterday, which caused a slew of problems, and thank you for all your messages,” Dan concluded.

“And apologies if anyone was late for anything due to the lack of the clock,” he continued.

“We don’t need our clocks on the sofa now,” the 44-year-old said to his colleague.

“I know it wasn’t a fight, but I think my clock won,” Louise, 52, answered.

The couple had to utilize physical clocks on Tuesday, which they displayed next to them on the sofa.

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Dan retorted, “It wasn’t about your clock and my clock, Louise.”

“It’s all about digital analogues; the one next to you happened to be slightly better.”

“Not that she’s competitive or anything,” he said as Louise chuckled.

“Anyway,” Louise said, “welcome back clock.” Those who were watching from home were similarly relieved to see the error corrected.

“The clock has reset!” On Twitter, one of the viewers expressed his thoughts. Another user commented on Louise’s post, saying, “Morning folks clock gate over about time great clothing Louise remain cool.”

A third said, “Morning, good to have the time stamp back.” “Yay for the clock #clockisback,” wrote another user.

“Morning, pleased the clock is back,” said another, while another added, “lol @BBCBreakfast you have a clock today!” #BBCBreakfast.”

During the chaos yesterday, Dan even turned to Twitter to ask his BBC colleague Zoe Ball for assistance.

“We’ve lost our onscreen.” Brinkwire Summary News,” the broadcaster tweeted.


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