Dan Walker admits to a Strictly dance error that resulted in injury, saying, “I take full responsibility.”


Dan Walker admits to a Strictly dance error that resulted in injury, saying, “I take full responsibility.”

While speaking on The One Show with professional partner Nadiya Bychkova, Dan Walker admitted that a recent Strictly Come Dancing blunder was his fault.

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker told temporary The One Show host Rylan Clark-Neal about a recent training mishap that left him injured on Thursday evening’s chat show.

As he told BBC viewers what to expect from his rumba this weekend, he accepted “full responsibility” for the Strictly Come Dancing blunder.

“Dan, how was it watching that back?” co-host Ronan Keating asked after playing a clip from Dan’s Strictly Come Dancing performances on The One Show.

“There were a lot of memories in there,” the announcer said.

“Was that week one?” Nadiya nodded, responding, “Yes, week one.”

“It seems like a long time ago,” Dan admitted.

I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge.”

“This seems very, very strange because obviously I haven’t had you on It Takes Two this week,” Rylan, who also hosts the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show It Takes Two, said.

“Normally, I’d ask you what you’re doing, but I’ll just do it here because I know you’re doing the rumba to Eagles’ Desperado.”

“It’s a difficult dance.”

Is it true that Nadiya kicked you in the face again this week, or did it happen last week?”

Dan got hurt while practicing for the Charleston they danced last Saturday.

“To be clear,” the 44-year-old clarified, “it was a knee in the chin.”

He shrugged when asked if he took full responsibility.

“Apparently my leg shouldn’t have been there,” he said as he turned to face Nadiya.

“Exactly,” said the Latin and ballroom champion with a laugh.

“However, I did express regret,” she added.

“She did say sorry,” Dan continued.

“There have been no injuries this week, but the rumba is difficult, but you’ll recognize Rylan from It Takes Two, and I enjoy every dance.”

“And I love learning from Nadiya,” he continued, addressing his partner, “and this is your favorite dance.”

The dancer agreed, “It is.”

“It’s my all-time favorite dance.”

“I adore the rumba, and I’m ecstatic that we made it this far because I get to teach you my favorite dance.”

“And it’s a lovely song that you enjoy.”


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