Daisy Midgeley’s plan to drive Johnny away from Coronation Street becomes tragic?


Daisy Midgeley’s plan to drive Johnny away from Coronation Street becomes tragic?

Daisy Midgeley of CORONATION STREET has always tried to get Johnny Connor out of the picture and put Jenny Connor up with someone else. But, if this happens again in future episodes, could Daisy have put Jenny in grave danger? Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) and her husband Johnny (Richard Hawley) recently divorced, with Jenny’s stepdaughter Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) praising the breakup on Coronation Street. Daisy has always urged Jenny to move on from Johnny, and she wants him out of her life for good. Jenny thinks newcomer Leo (Joe Frost) is after Daisy. Could it be that Daisy is behind the set-up, which ends in disaster, when he makes it plain next week that he’s interested in Jenny? Leo arrives at the Rovers with a bouquet of flowers in forthcoming episodes of the ITV soap.

He overhears Jenny telling Daisy that she’s enjoying her freedom and doesn’t want to be in a relationship as he enters the bar.

Daisy admires Leo’s flowers and considers whether she should trust him.

The barmaid, on the other hand, notices a card that came with the flowers and points out that they were intended for Jenny, not her, and that Leo clearly likes her.

Jenny is flattered when Leo invites her out for drinks later, and Johnny tells Carla Connor (Alison King) that he believes his life has lost its meaning.

She cheers him up by offering him a consulting position in the factory, which he gladly accepts.

At the Bistro, Johnny is surprised to see a glammed-up Jenny walking in with Leo while he chats with an old business contact with Carla.

Jenny is flirted with by Leo, who tells her that he thinks her far more attractive than Daisy.

After that, Johnny goes to the Rovers in the hopes of getting a drink with Jenny, only to discover her with Leo again.

After spending the night with Jenny, a giddy Leo heads to work the next day.

Beth Tinker (Lisa George) is interested by the relationship and keeps an eye on it.

Johnny overhears Beth and Carla discussing him in the factory. She claims he has outlived his usefulness and is unfit for the position.

Carla finds Johnny in the Rovers, nursing a pint, after he has left.

He informs her that Beth is correct. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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