Daily horoscope for July 18: Astrology, astrology, and zodiac predictions


Daily horoscope for July 18: Astrology, astrology, and zodiac predictions

On July 18, HOROSCOPES predict that our emotions will be front and center as we go about our daily lives. Here is your horoscope for today.

Several significant astronomical occurrences will occur in July 2021, which could have a significant impact on how we think and feel. During the year 2021, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion three times. Mercury was most recently in retrograde from May 29 to June 22.

As a result, according to Horoscope.com, July 17 is a notable date in astrology.

“The second transit shadow begins on May 14 and proceeds to a station retrograde on May 29,” according to the website.

“The mischievous planet will linger in this editorial zone until June 22, when it will turn direct before clearing shadow on July 17.”

According to Astrology.com, this time of the month could be a time of significant emotional discovery.

“Things get severe as Chiron stations retrograde in Aries and the Cancer sun opposes fiery Pluto towards the middle of the month,” the horoscope says.

“The combination of these two characteristics suggests that we should delve deep into our psyche in quest of dark content hidden in our subconscious thinking.

“Entering Pluto or Chiron’s zone is never a pleasurable time, but it’s always a transformative experience.”

On July 18, the Moon will enter Scorpio, which, according to Tarot.com, might have a major impact on our emotions.

“Our emotional needs could be heightened today as the Moon goes through the powerful Water sign of Scorpio,” the website explains.

“We might be able to put this depth into words when it trines eloquent Mercury at 9:13 a.m. EDT.

“However, both the Moon and Mercury collide with irritable Saturn, and others may appear unconcerned about our feelings.

“Distant Pluto and Neptune, meanwhile, urge passionate Venus and Mars, reminding us that we matter as individuals even when it is inconvenient.”


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