Cutting vs. growing: A gardening expert discusses the advantages of both cutting and growing your lawn.


Cutting vs. growing: A gardening expert discusses the advantages of both cutting and growing your lawn.

THE BENEFITS OF CUTTING AND GROWING YOUR LAWN have been explained by a GARDENING specialist. While most people believe that trimming their grass will harm wildlife, this is not the case, according to an expert.

Mr Plant Geek, better known as Michael Perry, Rowse Honey’s gardening guru, has explained the benefits of both growing and mowing your grass. Hives For Lives, a program of critical efforts that protects bees and promotes livelihoods through beekeeping, is spearheaded by Mr Plant Geek in collaboration with honey brand Rowse. Rowse is highlighting the importance of bees, from biodiversity to food production, in collaboration with its partners.

As a result, the crucial role that Britons can play in protecting these vital pollinators.

The amount of bees and other pollinators that visit your garden can be increased by using lawns and long grass.

If you want a tidy garden with a nice lawn, don’t worry; Michael has described why this has wildlife benefits as well.

Mr Plant Geek said that his garden “doesn’t have a lawn at all,” but he has managed to construct an area that is still beneficial to pollinators.

“I actually have polished concrete, and it’s surrounded by a lot of nice plants,” he explained. – excellent pollinators

“It’s not much different than having a lawn.”

Most people would believe that most gardens would have a lawn in the center.

When it comes to designing or picturing a garden, Michael claims that Britons don’t “need to think like that.”

“You may have a manicured lawn, which obviously takes a lot of time and effort – but a lot of people appreciate that look,” he continued.

“Those lawns that are being cut are really making it simpler for birds to reach worms that are in the soil,” he continued.

“Various wildlife and critters will benefit from a well-kept lawn.”

A lengthy lawn may appear messy to some, but grass that hasn’t been mowed in a year will have three pollinators per square metre on average.

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Mr Plant Geek believes that a large lawn with wildflowers is “ultimately better” for animals.

He did say, however, that if. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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