“Crucial constipation, fear, and insomnia” characterized Jeffrey Epstein’s final days.


Jeffrey Epstein’s final days were “filled with crippling constipation, fear, and insomnia,” according to his autobiography.

Paedophile Epstein’s final days in prison were filled with fear and confusion, according to an official prison report, as he struggled to sleep and tried to contact his dead mother.

According to a recently released report from the US Federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP], paedophile Jeffrey Epstein denied being suicidal but stated that he “feared for his safety.”

According to the 2,000-page report, the disgraced financier was terrified of other inmates who were members of the notorious MS-13 gang.

In his final days, he complained that he couldn’t sleep because his cellmate was so loud, and he had severe constipation.

The National Suicide Prevention Coordinator of the Bureau of Prisons compiled a “Psychological Reconstruction of Inmate Death” report that traces the events leading up to Epstein’s death.

Epstein had no real family or friends, according to the psychologist, and “his identity appeared to be based on his wealth, power, and association with other high-profile individuals.”

Epstein denied being suicidal to prison officers on July 8, 2019, two days after arriving at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre, but was nonetheless placed on Psychological Observation, a less strict form of monitoring than full Suicide Watch.

Epstein’s monitoring was upgraded to a Suicide Watch on July 23, but the restrictions were later relaxed the next day.

According to the BOP report, “Epstein was having difficulty adjusting to his environment and changes in his lifestyle” – specifically, he was having trouble sleeping, dealing with the prison’s constant noise, and feeling unsafe around other inmates.

According to the report, Epstein “spent his nights pacing his cell, sleeping fitfully, and talking with other inmates.”

According to the report, prison officers’ record-keeping was shoddy, with “a number of incomplete entries” in records of Epstein’s access to food, showers, and exercise facilities.

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The BOP report also claims that on the day before he died, Epstein interrupted a visit from his lawyer to “call his mother.”

Pauline Epstein, on the other hand, died in April 2004 according to records.

On August 10, 2019, Epstein was discovered dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City.

The sex offender committed suicide by hanging, according to a medical examiner.


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