Critics of the Duggar family are surprised that Jessa Duggar allowed Spurgeon, her son, to say this.


It’s no secret that Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob are stern parents.

On the small screen, they raised 19 children, and fans were able to see every household law that had to be followed by the Duggar children. Now, many of the children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are grown and have wives and children of their own.

And several viewers of Duggar highlight the disparities in child-rearing.

A video celebrating her son’s birthday was recently shared by Jessa Duggar. In the video, she is called by her first name by her oldest son, Spurgeon Seewald, and some critics are surprised that she permitted it.

Video posted by Jessa Duggar celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday

The video of Jessa Duggar shows one of the Duggar kids getting junk food as a Christmas present.

Since the humble beginnings of “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On.” those who follow the Duggars have watched Jessa. While Jessa is still filming with TLC, she also has her own YouTube channel where she shares videos of herself, her husband and their three children.

A video celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday was shared by Jessa.

The video starts with a few of his birthday presents being opened by Spurgeon, including new shoes, a coat to fit his father’s, and a hat.

And he also got a couple of instruments, including a hammer and a pliers, since he likes to “help” around the house.

“Do you feel older?” Jessa Spurgeon asked at the end of the video as she pointed the camera at them.

In answer, to mean “no.” Spurgeon shook his head.

“Yes, because I’m not taller,” concluded Spurgeon.

The Duggar family’s critics are shocked that Jessa allowed her son to call her by her first name.

Ben’s Happy Birthday!!! You are one of the most funny, kind and patient people we meet! Posted by Duggar Family Official on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 The tender way you…
Fans enjoy Jessa’s glimpses into her own life.

And it’s evident that her kids behave the way they always do when she’s filming.

She starts talking to her young son at the end of Jessa’s birthday video with Spurgeon.

And he calls her “Jessa” all of a sudden instead of “Mama.”

“It takes a while to grow up, and the growth happens so slowly that we don’t see it,” Jessa tells Spurgeon. “But Spurgeon is about 44.5 inches tall – we measured him today.”

“Hey, Jessa,” said Spurgeon. “You measured me with my tape measure.”

It seems like some family critics are shocked that when he called her by her first name, Jessa did not correct her son.

“Did anyone else catch Spurgeon calling his mom ‘Hey, Jessa’?” one Reddit user asked. “My jaw dropped! I can’t imagine the original Duggar children ever called JB and Michelle by their first names. I would guess that Jessa is much more laid back and relaxed than her parents were with her.”

Some say Jessa is used to hearing all her younger siblings call her name.

Jessa, happy birthday! It’s been so much fun to celebrate today with you and your precious family. You and Ben… Posted on Monday, November 4, 2019 by the Duggar Family Official
Although some other users of Reddit expressed surprise that Spurgeon called “Jessa,” his mother, others believe Jessa is used to hearing that, having helped grow up many of her younger siblings. Jessa was one of the 19 older siblings, and she was known for helping the little ones every day with schoolwork and chores.

Another Reddit user wrote, “She’s probably used to it because she raised so many of her siblings,”

“After being a sister-mom for years, she didn’t even notice when her own kids used her first name,” commented another.

And yet another wrote, “She’s raised a bunch of kids who called her Jessa, so it’s probably not foreign to her at all,”

Spurgeon is certainly a fun boy, so we’re sure we’re going to see a lot of quirky 5-year-old moments in the future.


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