‘Criminal Minds’: What happened to Thomas Gibson for kicking a producer after he was fired?


Thomas Gibson played BAU unit leader Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner in Criminal Minds for 11 seasons.

But the actor and his character suddenly vanished from the series after two brief appearances in Season 12, leaving viewers puzzled.

His absence was clarified by the CBS crime drama by claiming that Hotch was on a “special assignment.” But Gibson had been fired from the series in real life for his actions on set.

Thomas Gibson had an altercation with a manufacturer of ‘Criminal Minds’

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In August 2016, Gibson’s long career on “Criminal Minds” came to an abrupt end when, Variety reports, he was fired after an altercation with a producer on the program.

The star, who is also known for his role in the sitcom Dharma & Greg, allegedly kicked a producer after they had an argument that Gibson thought did not make sense over a line of dialogue.

Gibson characterized the altercation as comparatively minor in an interview with People after his dismissal.

He entered the room and started towards me.

My foot came up and tapped him on the leg as he walked by me,’ Gibson recalled. “If I hadn’t moved, he would have walked into me. We had a few choice words that I apologized for the next day, and that was it.”

Apparently, CBS thought it was more than a slight dispute and, after the incident, fired Gibson.

The star, who played Hotch, had previously clashed with the cast and crew of “Criminal Minds”

On the set of the famous series, the incident between the producer and Gibson was not the first time the actor showed bad conduct. After reportedly shoving an assistant director, Variety revealed that he had previously been sent to anger management courses. The publication was also told by industry sources that Gibson had been “verbally abusive” to both his fellow cast members and the crew of the show.

The publication also noted that Gibson was arrested on suspicion of DUI in 2010.

Shemar Moore, who played agent Derek Morgan, was one cast member whom Gibson allegedly did not always get along with.

According to another Variety article, the two actors apparently clashed over Moore’s habit of coming to the set late. After season 11, Moore left the series, although he made guest appearances in seasons 12 and 13.

After his escape from “Criminal Minds”, what has Thomas Gibson been up to?

According to IMDb, Gibson’s career has been relatively quiet since his sudden departure from “Criminal Minds,” He appeared in the film Axis in 2017.

The movie was directed by Aisha Taylor, his “Criminal Minds” co-star. He also appeared in a pilot for the Shadow Wolves television series. He is the leader of the terrorist unit of the NSA, which leads an elite unit of Native American trackers working for the government of the United States. He will also star in The Writer’s Bible, the upcoming film.

Many faithful Criminal Minds fans had hoped that in the series finale, Gibson would appear. Although Hotch appeared using old footage in a flashback sequence, the actor’s presence was not new, much to the disappointment of some viewers.


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