Craig Rowe, the new host of A Place in the Sun, was taken aback by the U-turn, which he described as “keeping me on my toes!”


Craig Rowe, the new host of A Place in the Sun, was taken aback by the U-turn, which he described as “keeping me on my toes!”

Craig Rowe, the newest host of A PLACE IN THE SUN, had a rocky start on his first episode of the Channel 4 hit after the couple he was assisting kept changing their minds about their property requirements.

Alison and Gabriel, newlyweds, were looking for their dream vacation home in Denia, Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Craig Rowe, the newest recruit at A Place in the Sun, was on hand to find them the perfect home for their £100,000 budget, but the task proved difficult as the couple changed their minds about what they wanted during the search.

In Friday’s episode of the Channel 4 show, the property expert admitted to the pair that they were “keeping him on his toes.”

Several of the properties Craig had lined up initially piqued the couple’s interest.

The first was a Denia two-bedroom apartment with a balcony in the back and a larger balcony in front with mountain and sea views.

There was an open-plan living/dining area, a separate kitchen, two double bedrooms, and a shower room on the first floor.

With a price tag of £85,345, Alison and Gabriel knew it was a contender right away.

The second property, a two-bedroom apartment in Platja de les Bovetes, left Gabriel “speechless.”

The couple’s third option was a two-bedroom house in La Sella, which they fell in love with right away.

It had a communal pool and gardens, as well as a private patio that would be ideal for grilling.

The couple later reversed their decisions after initially claiming that the property had eliminated the competition.

A two-bedroom home in Els Poblets West was the fifth and final property.

“So, that was your final property, how was it?” Craig asked the couple after searching the house.

Alison replied, “That was a fascinating one.”

“Because we like the outside and we like the downstairs, but I think we lost the ‘wow’ factor as we progressed.”

“Property number three is still on my mind,” Gabrial added.

“So, after all of that, is this final property still in the running?” Craig inquired.

Alison confirmed, “I believe it is,” while Gabrial added, “We do have to think about it.”

“So, we have a definite contender in number three, a maybe with property five – all the others,” Craig explained, summarizing the search.

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