Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette star in the Scream 2022 trailer, which takes place 25 years after the first film.


Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette star in the Scream 2022 trailer, which takes place 25 years after the first film.

Original cast members Courteney Cox, Naomi Campbell, and David Arquette appear in the official teaser for SCREAM’s new 2022 film.

The famed horror film is returning to theaters in January with an all-star cast.

Scream has published the first trailer for their upcoming film, asking fans, “Do you like scary movies?”

The trailer for the next film was released, and it features cameos from the original cast from 25 years ago.

Courteney Cox, 57, Neve Campbell, 48, and David Arquette, 50, have all signed on to reprise their roles in Scream 2022, which will premiere on January 14th.

Fans flocked to social media to express their enthusiasm for Scream’s return, with one user tweeting, “Who is excited, I’m excited!!!” Sidney, go get ’em!!” Another wrote, “BESTIE IS BACK,” next to a photo of the iconic Ghost Face killer.

“I’m going to be there on Day 1!” said a third. If there’s an early screening, I’m going to try to make it!!!!!” “YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

The first Scream film was released in 1996, and it followed a teenage girl (Neve) as she was stalked by a new killer in town.

By utilizing terrifying movies as a hazardous game, the masked “Ghost Face” man frightened the teen and her friends.

The classic characters will return in the upcoming film as they uncover who has been committing a spate of terrible crimes in their city.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett direct the latest Scream, which is the franchise’s fifth entry.

Following the completion of the new screenplay, the two expressed their fears that Neve, Courteney, and David might not return.

The legends were the “heartbeat” of the script, according to Gillett, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly about recasting them.

He admitted, “It was a hugely anxiety-producing circumstance.”

“They weren’t throwaway parts; they were vital to the script’s success.” We couldn’t envision the movie without any of them, so not having them locked in completely right away was terrifying.” The fact that 1996 screenwriter Kevin Williamson was an executive producer sealed the deal for David, who played lawman Dewey Riley in the original, he revealed.

“Kevin Williamson’s involvement as an executive producer put me at ease,” he explained.

“He has a great sense of tone.” I mean, he created the entire universe!” Wes Craven, the filmmaker responsible for the first four Scream movies as well as Nightmare on Elm Street, was honored by Courteney Cox and her long-time castmates.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston said she “missed” the director, who died in 2015 from a brain tumor.

“Right from the start, I… Brinkwire Breaking News.


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