Coronation Street was rocked by an upskirting scandal that left a teen resident devastated?


Coronation Street has been rocked by an upskirting scandal that has left a teen resident devastated?

Fans of CORONATION STREET will see one teen resident struggle to maintain her composure when she is dragged into a heartbreaking upskirting scandal.

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) will be at the center of a Coronation Street upskirting storyline.

In recent weeks, the adolescent has struggled with her body image as she worked tirelessly to secure an offer from Oxford University.

Will she, on the other hand, break down when she discovers that someone has taken indecent photographs of her?

Summer is overjoyed to learn that she has received a conditional offer from Oxford University in upcoming scenes.

Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) is encouraged by Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) to contact Summer.

The incoming university student brings a bag of junk food home, but is taken aback when Amy appears.

Summer hides the food, but Amy notices it and assures her that she can eat whatever she wants.

Summer, on the other hand, pretends they’re not for her before returning home and stashing the candy in her school bag.

Amy goes to Summer’s diabetes appointment with her after the schoolgirls bury the hatchet.

Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) approaches the two and informs them that he is no longer a member of the drug cartel.

Amy, on the other hand, is not convinced and tells him to leave.

Max Turner (Paddy Bever) is later spotted by Amy and Summer in Victoria Garden, engrossed in his phone.

When they notice he’s staring at an upskirting photo, they’re mortified.

When Summer realizes the photo is of her, she tries to hide her horror.

Tanisha Gorey’s Amy and Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) tell a friend to call the cops about the photo.

Summer, on the other hand, can’t bear to tell anyone else about the photo and dismisses them.

Amy is furious with whoever is to blame and sets out to find Max.

She chastises him for looking at the photo and asks who sent it to him.

Amy sets out on a mission to find the culprit after the youngster admits he has no idea who took the photo.

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Summer, on the other hand, eats junk food at home before going to the bathroom to puke.

Summer will undoubtedly suffer as a result of her upskirting discovery, but will her friends?

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