Cooper framed for murder by vengeful Charlene as fans spot a clue on The Blacklist?


Cooper framed for murder by vengeful Charlene as fans spot clue on The Blacklist?

After the murder of his wife’s ex-lover, FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper has been put on the hot seat this season on THE BLACKLIST, but was he really to blame?

In the ongoing ninth season of The Blacklist, Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) has found himself at the center of a murder investigation.

Some fans of the NBC crime drama believe his wife Charlene (Valerie Pettiford) may have had something to do with it, despite her denial.

As she assists Harold in his fight for freedom, Charlene has unexpectedly become the epitome of honesty.

He awoke to find his wife’s ex-lover had been killed, and the ballistics report traces back to his own firearm, after blacking out at the worst possible time.

Harold had every intention of walking into the station and confessing, but he changed his mind when he realized he couldn’t remember anything from that night.

Harold’s wife, on the other hand, was furious when she learned he had decided to keep his mouth shut and urged him to surrender the gun.

Some Blacklist fans believe Charlene is still acting suspiciously, and that she is planning to frame Harold for the crime in order to exact revenge.

In a recent Reddit thread, it was suggested that Charlene tried to keep her husband away from the cops in case her cover was blown.

“She knows there was a good reason behind it… to protect Harold from a much BIGGER lie this frame up,” said user HarveyMidnight.

[I’m not sure what they’re attempting to say – perhaps this is a set-up?]

“I don’t believe her act of being completely devastated after lying to protect him.”

Charlene appears to be genuinely upset that her husband has been forced to endure this ordeal.

She could, however, be playing a long game to frame her husband for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Now the guilt trip for ‘forcing her’ to lie?” the fan continued.

“Her demeanor makes me wonder if she’s involved in the frame-up.”


Charlene has a history of lying in their relationship, but she has suddenly decided that the best way to deal with this traumatic ordeal is to be completely transparent.

Sadly for Harold, the evidence points to him as the perpetrator of the murder.

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