‘Confidence color’: Camilla and Diana look more ‘strong’ in blue, which makes their eyes ‘jump.’


‘Confidence color’: Camilla and Diana look more ‘strong’ in blue, which makes their eyes ‘jump.’

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Princess Diana are two female members of the Royal Family who have been compared frequently. Interestingly, not only did both women have Prince Charles in common, but their clothing and appearances as well.

Camilla and Diana are both recognized for their exquisite style and clothes. Camilla continues to be adventurous with her clothing choices every time she is out in public, as Kate Middleton and Lady Kitty Spencer are both inspired by the late Princess of Wales.

Camilla’s love of jungle designs, neutral colors, collared dresses, sharp jackets, and heeled court shoes is well-known among royal admirers.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s affinity for the color blue is clearly evident.

Camilla typically wears blue, like she did on Tuesday, September 28 at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the premiere of the James Bond film Skyfall.

The Duchess wore a glittering pale blue gown by British designer Bruce Oldfield to the event, which she attended with Prince Charles, Kate Middleton, and Prince William.

Camilla’s eyes and complexion may be one of the reasons she wears blue so frequently, according to fashion stylist Samantha Harman.

This was also true of Diana, who preferred blue since it “emphasized” her eyes and complemented her skin tone.

Diana even used blue eyeliner to emphasize her eyes.

“Blue eyeliner was very 1980s and was really a well-documented make-up favorite of Princess Diana,” Samantha revealed.

“This is a make-up technique that brings out the blue in the eyes, making them appear even brighter.”

According to Samantha, blue clothing was particularly popular in the 1980s, possibly due to Margaret Thatcher’s “blue power suit.”

“Cobalt blue pretty much matches any skintone and is a terrific color for when you want to feel powerful,” the fashion stylist stated.

“Navy is a color that goes with everything and should be worn when you want to look put-together.”

Samantha emphasized that “it’s logical they’d want to emphasise them” because both Camilla and Diana had brilliant blue eyes and pale hair.

“Wearing white and blue does this,” she remarked, adding that Camilla frequently wears these colors.

“Camilla wore an Anna Valentine blue dress with a white jacket on a recent trip to Athens, bringing out the vitality of the color blue.”

“Brinkwire Summary News”. “Blue and white is a traditional color duo that.


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