Condoms and the pill may be on their way out thanks to a penis-zapping male contraception known as a “ball bath.”


Condoms and the pill may be on their way out thanks to a penis-zapping male contraception known as a “ball bath.”

The device, which uses ultrasound to temporarily stop sperm production, could also help women stop taking the pill—you just have to be courageous enough to drop your nads into the sci-fi contraption.

Condoms and vasectomies may be obsolete thanks to a German inventor’s creation of a male contraceptive ‘testicle bath.’

The technology, which uses ultrasound waves to stop sperm regeneration, could ultimately free women from the contraceptive pill and its unpleasant side effects.

The COSO is approximately the same size as a coffee cup. You fill it with water, turn it on, and then sit down and place the family heirlooms inside once it’s heated up.

The device then uses ultrasound waves to blast your nads for a few minutes, deactivating sperm production for about two weeks. It then shuts down on its own.

It may seem alarming, but experiments have shown that it has no long-term effects. After a six-month soak in the ball bath, your sperm will be back in action.

Rebecca Weiss, a German designer, created the device. She got it after she stopped using the hormone prescription that had caused her to get cervical cancer in the first place.

“My boyfriend and I discovered the lack of male contraception when looking for an alternate approach. This is not a problem that only affects me. It also has an impact on a large number of other people.” “COSO [offers]a user-friendly contraceptive strategy that is simple to use without any physical intervention, pain, or previously known negative effects,” she continued. Previous attempts to develop a male “pill” failed due to side effects that women are all too familiar with, such as acne, headaches, and weight gain. Neither sexe may need to take medications anymore, thanks to the COSO.

Although the COSO is merely a prototype, it has been nominated for the coveted James Dyson Award. Weiss says she is currently seeking funding for clinical studies in order to eventually make her ball bath available to the general public.


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