Concerns about Frank Lampard’s wife Christine following Adrian Chiles’ 2011 spat with ITV.


Concerns about Frank Lampard’s wife Christine following Adrian Chiles’ 2011 spat with ITV.

In late 2011, CHRISTINE LAMPARD and Adrian Chiles became the subject of a backlash after ITV dropped them, allegedly due to ratings concerns.

Christine Lampard and Adrian Chiles departed the BBC in 2010 to join ITV’s Daybreak, putting them under criticism.

Adrian, 54, refused to go down without a fight after the couple were dropped from the morning show the following year, and became entangled in a public spat with the broadcaster.

Christine, who was dating Chelsea’s Frank Lampard at the time, became embroiled in the feud despite her best efforts to remain out of it.

Adrian told The Sunday People newspaper about his and Christine’s abrupt exit from the breakfast show: “We were guaranteed we could go with our dignity intact.” Obviously, this did not occur.

“We were having a good time watching the show and felt everything was going fine. We were adamant about not going.”

“It was a complete shock and a huge damage to our careers that we were discarded at this time,” he continued.

“Dark forces have leaked it for their own purposes, and that makes me very angry.”

The 42-year-old Loose Women panelist explained her now-fears husband’s about the scandal’s emotional toll in a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

“A protective Frank, whom she met at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2009, when they were introduced by Piers Morgan, was particularly anxious that the negative press might traumatize her,” the news source reported.

“However, she informed him, ‘

Make a connection with oneself. Feel free to touch me. We’re still standing. This is true.

“’Let’s just get on with it and smile about it.’ No one has died thus far. It’s just show business; let’s get on with our lives.’

In 2015, Christine married Frank.

She has been candid about her marriage, admitting that she first “dreaded” being asked about having children because “nothing was happening” despite the couple’s attempts.

“I did wonder if I would ever be able to get pregnant,” she told the same outlet. I’d been asked that question a lot, and it made me feel uneasy.

“I figured if it was going to happen, it would, but if it didn’t, I’d just accept it.”

“I had acquaintances who were through IVF, and I was aware of how stressful the process might be. “Brinkwire Summary News.” I didn’t think I had it in me.”


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