Complete step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the UK passenger locator form.


Complete step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the UK passenger locator form.

THE PASSENGER LOCATOR FORM is a necessary document that must be completed by everyone entering the UK from abroad, regardless of nationality or vaccination status. This site includes a step-by-step guidance for filling out your form.

Since the coronavirus epidemic, travel laws have altered, with a variety of rules now being imposed by countries all over the world in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. The necessity to fill out a passenger location form is a key rule that applies to all travelers in the United Kingdom.

Anyone arriving in the UK, regardless of country or vaccination status, must fill out the passenger locator form.

According to the government website “Before you arrive in the UK, you must fill out an online passenger locator form. Even if you are simply passing through the UK, you must fill out the form.

“You can fill out the form at any point in the 48 hours leading up to your arrival in the UK. Submitting the form is completely free.

“You must provide your form while checking in to travel or boarding your airline, train, or boat to the United Kingdom.”

However, since its inception, the form has led some travelers to be perplexed.

This webpage will walk you through the steps of filling out your passenger locating form.

It’s crucial to note that when the new travel restrictions take effect on October 4, some of the form’s wording may change.

On the website, you may find the passenger locator form.

Travelers must either log in to a previously registered passenger locator form account or create a new one using a personal email address and password in the first step of the process.

Passengers will be required to type in their mobile phone number or their home phone number on the form. A supplementary number can be entered in an optional box.

According to the UK track and trace system, UK health organizations may need to contact you by phone. Choose how you want to be notified by UK track and trace: via phone, text, or both.

Fill in your first and last names exactly as they appear in your passport.

Fill in the day and hour that you want to arrive in the United Kingdom.

If you want to depart the UK, include the date on which you intend to do so – this is a “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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