Companies are using fake testimonials in Facebook ads on Twitter; Zuckerberg denies this.


Companies are using fake testimonials in Facebook ads on Twitter; Zuckerberg denies this.

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Several companies are creating phony Twitter accounts for testimonials used in Facebook ads, despite Facebook’s regulation prohibiting “misleading statements.”

Evidence was obliterated quietly.

According to Independent sources, several businesses are taking advantage of the Facebook ad loophole. All of the advertisements appear to be fraudulent or deceptive, and the companies who are running them have tens of thousands of likes on their profiles.

Independent attempted to contact the two companies, one of which is a well-known dating app and the other of which provides social media posts using Twitter accounts that do not appear to be active in order to promote amusing and favorable feedback from their said “users.”

Some of the Twitter accounts were handled by the corporation, while others used inactive Twitter accounts. After Independent contacted the companies, the ads appeared to vanish from Facebook’s Ad Library, where you can browse the whole database of company advertising under Facebook’s entire umbrella.

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Ads for the template company were posted on Instagram by a user named @amelia, who said, “Until I started using ****, I used to receive 40-60 views on my Instagram stories. In the first month, I gained hundreds of views and 500+ new followers. Take a look.” According to another verified bogus account, “**** is the most popular app among storytellers, and it has brought together a large number of people. My subscriber base has increased by a factor of two.” Many additional ostensibly positive testimonials, similar to this one, have appeared in advertisements and are available in multiple languages.

The ads have been running for months, and they have been faking favorable testimonials by using multiple accounts of ladies smiling and other tweets to increase interaction and drive traffic to the companies. A tweet from April 25, 2021, said to “check it out,” and the developer replied, “So delighted to hear that.” In the Apple Store, there were no reviews for the day or even the month of April.

The Surprising Reaction of Facebook to the Allegations

On a more positive note, Facebook verified to The Independent that all ads from the companies under investigation had been removed. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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