‘Comes up sparkling!’ says the narrator. – Mrs. Hinch fans give their “amazing” suggestions for dealing with grease on the stove.


‘Comes up sparkling!’ says the narrator. – Mrs. Hinch fans give their “amazing” suggestions for dealing with grease on the stove.

REMOVING STICKY GREASE MARKS FROM A KITCHEN COOKER CAN BE DIFFICULT, but a group of experienced cleaners have provided some proven methods that will leave the equipment “streak free.”

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rocketed to stardom on social media, where she now has over four million followers. Thousands of people have adopted an effective cleaning routine thanks to her ingenious solutions.

Cleaning fanatics have started their own social media groups dedicated to helping others maintain a tidy home, inspired by her creative ideas.

One user on social media asked for help with eliminating grease marks from a gas stove.

“Glass cleaner cloth – the green Minky one is amazing,” one group member said in response to her post.

“Dettol pure kitchen degreases and cleans exceptionally well,” a second person suggested.

“Hot soapy water and a nice buff with a dry microfibre,” said a third person. I made the mistake of using sprays and wrecked my cooker, so I replaced it and now I only use soapy water, which has worked perfectly. If soap is too greasy, use shaving foam (not gel).”

“A dab of neat washing up liquid,” a fourth internet commenter suggested. After rubbing it in, wipe it off with a moist cloth. Using a soft towel, buff dry. “There will be no smears.”

“I use Koh cleaner with a microfibre cloth for everything, it’s brilliant,” wrote another.

“I would steam clean it if you have a handheld one, they are just brilliant,” one person suggested, “then a fibre cloth and window cleaner.”

“Use a stainless-steel cleaner, spritz it on your rag, then buff with another microfibre rag,” another group member suggested. When I clean mine, I simply use warm water and dawn dish soap.”

“Wipe with moist cloth and Zoflora,” wrote one online user. Using a green Minky glass towel, dry. Whenever possible, keep your streak free.”

Another person said, “I use Elbow Grease and kitchen towels.”

Another member of the group recommended Pink Stuff paste.

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“I use Dettol and kitchen roll after every usage, it comes up gleaming,” one person wrote.

Another online user described their method as “washing up fluids with hot water.” Scrub it with a non-scratch scourer and dry it quickly with a microfibre cloth as.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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