Comedian John Bishop joins a new season of the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who.’


Comedian John Bishop will star as the twelfth Doctor Who in the thirteenth season of Doctor Who .

Moreover, Bishop will join the show as the companion of the 13th Doctor, following the departure of Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole.

“As he becomes embroiled in the Doctor’s adventures, Dan will quickly learn that there is more to the universe than he could ever believe. As he travels through space and time alongside the Doctor and Yaz, he will face evil alien races beyond his wildest nightmares,” according to a BBC press release.

Bishop began filming the next season of the show in November. He is expected to appear in the new season later this year.

“If I could tell my younger self that one day I would be asked to board the TARDIS, I would never have believed it. It’s an absolute dream to be on Doctor Who, and I couldn’t ask for better company than Jodie and Mandip,” Bishop said in a statement.

The Christmas special will air Friday night this year.


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