‘Collarbones are still protruding.’ Julia Bradbury wears a defiant bikini in response to snide remarks.


‘Collarbones are still protruding.’ Julia Bradbury wears a defiant bikini in response to snide remarks.

JULIA BRADBURY has retaliated against skinny-shamers by posting a bold bikini photo on Instagram, declaring, “My collar bones are still jutting out” while enjoying the sunshine.

Julia Bradbury, 50, has confidently flaunted her physique in a new swimsuit shot after being skinny-shamed previously by online trolls. Greece’s Islands After some of her social media fans maliciously noted that she appeared to be coming out of a chemotherapy treatment in reaction to a recent swimsuit selfie, Julia Bradbury fired back with a sun-soaked snap yesterday.

“Hey Skinny shamers…,” the presenter wrote proudly beneath her recent photo. I hope you’re having a good time in the sun. My collarbones are still protruding… I ate chips, too!”

Julia then added the hashtags “#skinnyshaming #sunshine #nohate #hot #heatwave” and “#skinnyshaming #sunshine #nohate #heat #heatwave.”

Julia shocked in the photo, which she shared with her 101,000 Instagram followers, as she smiled for the camera while sunbathing.

The actress topped up her tan in a lacy black bikini for the day.

Julia’s fans praised her for her caption in the comments area of her Instagram image.

“You look amazing!” one individual wrote. “You are an inspiration!” he exclaims.

“Love you woman XX,” said another. They can also disgrace me since my ears protrude!”

“They’re just jealous Julia, they wish they could eat chips and look like you,” a third fan said. I have a buddy with a rapid metabolism who is just like you; she eats whatever she wants, whereas I’ve always had to be careful since I gain weight quickly. “Take advantage of the sunshine.” (sic)

“Ignoring these people is so much easier said than done,” a fourth responded. With your attitude and approach on life, you’re a powerful person who I’m sure inspires others.”

“Beautiful and genuinely gorgeous,” remarked a fifth.

Julia also thanked her fans for their support in an Instagram post this morning, which included a shot of her wearing a sports bra and matching leggings.

“Lots of nice feedback from my slim shaming posts…,” she wrote.

Many individuals have expressed gratitude for my speaking out about how shameful it is to shame people online/via social media.

“I’m old enough and wise enough to deal with this, but millions of individuals suffer from mental health concerns and eating disorders. Kindness is required on.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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