Colin Egglesfield Asks Fans to Tag Netflix for the ‘Something Blue’ Sequel in ‘Something Borrowed’


Colin Egglesfield Asks Fans to Tag Netflix for the ‘Something Blue’ Sequel in ‘Something Borrowed’

Colin Egglesfield, who portrayed Dex in the rom-com Something Borrowed, is attempting to build a groundswell to have the sequel, Something Blue, made.

Egglesfield previously explained why Something Blue was never produced.

However, now that Something Borrowed is popular on Netflix, he believes that fan support will help bring the sequel to fruition.

Colin Egglesfield encourages ‘Something Borrowed’ fans to demand that ‘Something Blue’ be produced for Netflix.

On Instagram, Egglesfield pumped up his followers. “It’s incredible to see #somethingborrowed on @netflix still delivering and trending!” If you haven’t watched it yet, now is your opportunity!” he wrote on Instagram as the film was gaining popularity. “Or now is your chance to see it for the 4,000th time! :)” Thanks.” “Who wants to watch Something Blue?” he added. Tell @netflix you’d like to see the sequel by tagging them here!” Egglesfield isn’t the first to get fans excited about a sequel. “Who wants to watch Something Blue?” he inquired. When the picture turned ten years old in May 2021, fans exclaimed, “It’s been way too long!”

The fans reacted quickly. Chrishell Stause, star of Selling Sunset, added heart emojis.

“So amazing!” wrote actress Arielle Kebbel. Fans, on the other hand, expressed their appreciation for Something Borrowed and voiced their hope to see Something Blue… sometime. “Can you please make Something Blue?” “We’ve been waiting for the sequel that was teased at the end of Something Borrowed for a very long time,” a fan commented on Egglesfield’s post, tagging Netflix.

“We have to keep the story going!!!” said another.

Emily Giffin, author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue, added a heart-eye emoji.

“Is there an official movie sequel yet?” a fan inquired.

Why are people clamoring for a sequel?

Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed, was completed shortly after the release of Something Borrowed.

The books had been written, and Giffin was working on the screenplay.

But then there was nothing. Something Borrowed fans were dissatisfied because the first film ended on a cliffhanger.

Dex and Rachel end up together in the end.

And, despite the fact that Darcy falls pregnant with Marcus’ child, she does not appear to marry him. In fact, at the end of Something Borrowed, she teases that she will turn her attention to Ethan, the friend she has been hounding the most. In Something Borrowed, fans are treated to a scenario in which Darcy appears in London. While Ethan is chatting with friends at a sidewalk cafe, she shocks him. He bolts when he notices her. She then pursues him down the street while giving him credit… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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