‘Cobra Kai’ star Ralph Macchio responds to season 3 letters from Mr. Miyagi


30 years after the original trilogy, Cobra Kai has continued to tell new Karate Kid stories. The greatest hurdle, however, has always been the 2005 death of Pat Morita.

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) speaks a lot about the character of Morita, Mr. Miyagi, so it’s evident that his absence leaves a void in his life.

[Spoiler Alert: This article provides mild spoilers for the season 3 episode of Cobra Kai].

The late Miyagi is introduced a little more into the tale in season 3 of Cobra Kai. In a Zoom round, Macchio spoke to a group of reporters about how the series managed, in the form of his written words, to bring Miyagi back into the plot.

In ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3, Ralph Macchio wanted Mr. Miyagi more.

Macchio said he asked Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, the makers of Cobra Kai, to include Mr. Miyagi in Season 3. With what they came up with, he was very happy.

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“When they started writing Season 3, my note to the writers was basically let’s learn something about this guy we don’t know, which is LaRusso,”When they started writing Season 3, my note to the writers was, basically, let’s learn something about this guy we don’t know who is LaRusso. “Let’s teach me something I don’t know. Let’s teach the audience something they don’t know. If that’s going through the Miyagi-verse, let’s do that, because that’s something I was looking for when we got to the end of 20 episodes.”

Miyagi-san in ‘Cobra Kai’ talks through his letters

He meets Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) from “The Karate Kid Part II” again when Daniel goes to Okinawa. Her mother had been in contact with Miyagi-san until his death, and the letters were kept by Kumiko.

The writers of Cobra Kai wrote the letters in Miyagi-voice. san’s

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It works on several ways, and one of them is the friendship with Miyagi, who is no longer there, but still has a connection, listening to his written words, and learning what LaRusso meant to Miyagi, even though he never saw it that way. Until Daniel knocked on his door and asked, “Can you fix the faucet? And that turned his life around.” Miyagi could have been lost.

That’s a gorgeous thing.

It’s a terrific story.

Then I have Tamlyn, who can just do no wrong, and Yuji [Okumoto], who does his best, a great change in Chozen’s character. I’ve reaped the benefits of that, and I’m looking forward to seeing that from the fans. Ralph Macchio, Cobra Kai Press Meeting, November 12, 2020

A reunion of ‘Karate Kid II’ without Pat Morita.

Mr. Miyagi takes Daniel to Okinawa for his father’s funeral in “Karate Kid Part II,”

There, Miyagi has to deal with Sato (Danny Kamekonaold )’s rivalry, which causes Daniel to get involved with Chozen.

Star Vanessa Rubio of Cobra Kai thought the writers were joking when they proposed this season 2 scene.

Of course, we don’t have Pat Morita with us anymore, but how do we keep Miyagi alive in the series and inform the show, inform the character of LaRusso, and fundamentally inform the character of Johnny Lawrence and the children of LaRusso and other people he touches? We were able to go to Okinawa because we have Tamlyn Tomita and Yuji Okumoto, who are just doing well. Yuji went to Okinawa with me. In Hawaii and in Los Angeles, Karate Kid II was charged. So, Cobra Kai took Macchio to Okinawa with LaRusso. Ralph Macchio, Cobra Kai Press Junket, 12/11/2020 It was very special and those scenes are very special to me.


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